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Where are my checks? Beware of Tricks!

I texted the property dealer today who helped me sold my house unit in Orchid Villas last year. I asked her to return my checks back as I need the money now. Her reply was “I saw the check of the buyer of the lot I am currently dealing worth 5M plus…the deed of sale is ready. I surely can pay you now. Just wait for a little while.”

Jeezz, I didn’t ask what she was doing, if she was dealing her soul to Satan or whomever, I only asked about my checks. I don’t need her stupid, frail excuse that is only giving me false hope. It was her great mistake for making a fool out of me because now, I will fight back. After being nice and kind to her, this is all she gives me in return? She is not the only one who suffers the effects of crisis. And hello?! I received the same text messages from her last month. Read more »

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