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I Am Excited, So I Paint My Nails Red

It is already December 1. Hmn…Christmas has just officially started, eh? There are three things about December that excite me. First, my birthday falls on the month; three days before Christmas. I would say I am lucky for being born on December, much more on the closer date to Christmas for I can celebrate my birthday along with it, as I have been. Second, the Christmas of course, and/or the Christmas eve, the most joyful time of year. Just by the sound of the word “Christmas” brings a lot of joyfulness in the heart. Third, the alumni homecoming. I was informed the alumni homecoming this year is different from the previous years or from the usual. It was said there’ll be a 3-day alumni homecoming celebration. I am excited as early as now!

Although I do not feel much of the spirit of Christmas yet here in our place, particularly in this block where I live, I am still excited and looking forward to those upcoming events. And even though financially struggling, it shouldn’t hinder everyone to feel the joy of the nearing day of the Savior’s birthday. Since I am excited, I had my nails painted today having Christmas in mind.

Mama called her “suking manicurista” or  frequented manicurist + pedicurist  to fix her toenail ingrown today.  She only calls her when she has ingrown problem. Although I was not happy about the real reason why the suki was here, I was happy that mother had my nails done too and paid for it. She had my nails done before hers for she likes it when the person is fixing her nails in no rush.  It seldom happens as my mother is naturally a cheapskate, so I nodded to the invitation with big grin. It’s been a while since my nails received that kind of pampering.

Here’s the nails. The suki didn’t do a neat job but I didn’t mind the clutter. I had my nails done after several months and it was all that matters.  I had on two different shades of reds on both finger and toenails.


Fuchsia Twinkle on right and Guns N Roses on the left.  Same goes with the toenails.  Oh, please excuse the ugly feet.


These two shades both come with glitters in the bottle. I find the colors pretty and very Christmasy; perfect to wear on the first day of December, to meet the joy it will bring.  This is enough proof how excited I am about December despite all the trials we are facing.

I am sharing this to 366 Blog Photo Challenge hosted this month by Sis Jess of  K and His Tools.

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