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My Name is…

I can’t think of anything to write today in this blog so I came up with taking a random test in blogthings. The quiz about learning the meaning of my name captured my interest so I took the test. And the result….

Rechie Ruth

R is for Rich
Wow, I am rich in trials, failures and Strength. 

E is for Elegant
Really? Thanks ma for putting an ‘e’ to my name.

C is for Charming
Somebody told me I am back when I was in elementary. lol!

H is for Happy
Yep, no matter what the problems I am carrying. I make sure I show a happy face. It feels so nice to be happy.

I is for Important
I am important.

E is for Elitist
This made me smile, raised my head boasting and then my right eyebrow and whispered ‘I could be’. Lol!

R is for Rebellious
Come on now, why to you have to reveal this? haha

U is for Unique
Aren’t we all?

T is for Twisted
What’s twisted?My head or my head?

H is for Hardworking
I totally agree. I am a wonder woman!

Do yo want to take the test too? It’s fun. Simply hit that link below.

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