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Rainbow After The Rain

Lying in bed for one whole week, barely moving and standing only when in need of some comfort (CR), was more tiring than doing an online work. Oh how I wished for a fast recovery during those days of pain so I could sit and blog again. I actually was still blogging during the first two days of the formation of the cyst but on the third day, the pain became unbearable that I had to lie down until the seventh day. Boring + Painful, it surely was a very bad combination. No entertainment. My books became unattractive (due to the pain). No TV in the room. I’ve have been seeing my room’s ceiling a lot for one week and I was kind of fed up by that view. That’s why, when the cyst finally went away, which was around four in the morning on Wednesday last week, I stood up, rushed outside and looked up the sky.  I sighed with relief. I was so happy to be able to walk again without pain.

A pose under a dwarf Jambul (black plum/lomboy) tree.

Few days after, my walking got back to normal. I even climbed up a mountain with my cousin. Thanks to her for that cool mountain adventure. Although we weren’t able to gather some young coconuts for buko salad as planned, it was still fun. I was thankful that at least I had some exercise. To my gratefulness for being able to walk, I gave a piggy-back ride to cousin’s youngest daughter Momay while going down the sloppy hill.

With Momay

Isn’t it nice to be so alive and lively? To be free from any illnesses? During those days I was in bed, I promised to myself that once I get better, or once I’ll be able to stand up again, I will jog around town. I even joked at my sister that I’ll do the “tumbling” stunt. Lol! Well, I just did more than that for I climbed a mountain. I will climb a coconut tree next time…lol!

I link this to 366 Blog Photo Challenge and Wednesday Whites.

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