Check Out These Tribal Tattoos for Men

Today, modern society has a fascination for getting inked. What had once only been the territory of biker gangs and sailors, tattoos are now an acceptable form of body decoration all over the world. Tattoos now come in all shapes and sizes, color schemes, and are inspired by anything from personal beliefs to popular music and characters in media. But arguably, the most popular form of ink today is the tribal tattoo. While most people don’t stick to traditional methods of getting tribal tattoos, there is still a spiritual bond and meaning behind most tribal tattoo patterns. Throughout history, tribal tattoos could be found for thousands of years marking the skins of Native American, Egyptian, African, Tibetan, and Oceanic tribes. In the past, this meaning would denote social status, where a tribe was located, or even a rite of passage, but now tribal tattoos are more a symbol of harmony and balance than specific tribal origin. The art design of a tribal tattoo represents a free-flowing pattern of linear design that exists in harmony with abstract meaning. The intricacies of the lines mark an ebb and flow across a sea of flesh by expressing ideas and beliefs with intangible measurements. In the past, tribal tattoos were always done in black inks and were typically designed for males, for example like the men’s tribal tattoos at But in the last few years, women have shown a growing interest in tribal tattoos and the latest trends are for multi-colored patterns with flowing designs that are more feminine in nature.

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