Something That Got Me Addicted

What is it that thing that took my time away from blogging? It is an online game called Wartune. I am crazy for it at the moment and I think it is better than crazy finding a husband replacement…eh? I hope the “ex”-husband can read this and make this a good slap on his face. I am no longer crazy about him but with Wartune….lol!


I was like an empty shell after my father died. It was his death that led me to Wartune. I wanted to forget the pain of losing a father and I thought of finding a game that could at least let me forget the pain or at least take my thoughts away even for just a moment. I didn’t feel like blogging and writing then  too for I can’t concentrate. After leveling with my first Wartune character, a lady archer I named ChieWilks, I got hooked. Then I made another character, a mage I named Rechie. Rechie the mage turned into a neglected character after I excelled being a lady knight named LadyR. I got bored being a knight and wanted to give myself being a mage another chance to I created this very recent character, RedButterfly. RedButterfly is now level 51.

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