Add Laughter Into Your Life

I believe that laughter is the best medicine. We should just laugh our problems away because sooner or later, those problems we are facing today will go away solved or unsolved. There is no use in being in vain for a long time just because of those trials in life. After my father’s passing not long ago, I thought I wouldn’t be able to laugh a genuine laugh ever again but I realized it is not something that my father would want. I am sure he wants me and the family to go on with our lives for he may have passed away, memories of him will always stay.

Anyway, back to laughter being the so-called best medicine, it indeed does good to our health. It was stated that laughter can improve alertness, reduce stress and increase memory. These benefits that have just mentioned are only the minor ones. What’s better news about laughter is that, which I just learned today, can lower blood pressure. It also defends against respiratory infections and increases the response of the tumor and disease-killing cells.

Having learned these things, we should start putting a doze of laughter in our everyday lives. It wouldn’t be that hard to do. It feels good to laugh and everyone sure wants that feeling of forgetting troubles for a while and have a good laugh with family and friends. There are lots of funny things to see and to do in this world. Let’s not limit ourselves. We can exchange jokes with someone. In the internet, we can see funny pictures, watch funny videos and read humors. ¬†We can as well express our funny side by wearing funny music tees or those tees with humorous prints. Mentioning tees, hit on that link and you’ll find a lot of tees with cool and fun prints.

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