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MLM: With College Classmates

This is my first time joining Mel’s meme named Memory Lane Monday, which is hosted for this month of March by Arlene of Joys in Life. I’ve known this meme months ago already but I’ve been too lazy to join. Well this week’s theme caught my attention as it is about college classmates. It is something I can write about and share since I have some photos of me with my college classmates back in my ABC (Andres Bonifacio College 2007-2009) days kept in one of my memory cards.


With classmates/friends smiling for my camera before our Steno class. We were waiting for  our beloved Steno teacher Mrs. Lauc.

At our school canteen having a group study for our PE written quiz. My sister Cheem (in the very front was my classmate in PE. This was taken on a wash-day Wednesday – the favorite day.

With classmates and department president. Taken on the last induction of officers party I attended before quitting school.  I was voted as our department’s vice mayor. Yes, I might be one of the most irresponsible students during that time but I made a lot of friends, which I strongly believed won me the title.


Looking back my college days, I felt painful bites of guilt and regret. Thinking about the impossibility of turning back those wasted times, days and years made me feel so regretful. I should have a degree by now and working a high-paid job. Unbelievably, I was ungrateful     enough to have missed that chance and opportunity to finish college by cutting classes and/or attending classes drunk while other students were working up to their highest strength just to be able to earn for their tuition fee. My head gone big thinking I had someone supporting me that retaking failed and dropped subjects wasn’t a big issue. Now all I had are memories and regrets.

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