30-Day Blog Challenge: My Dream House

Day 5: My Dream House

My dream house used to be a huge cabin that’s made of log but now it’s this in the picture above. It wouldn’t be exactly it but similar to its concept; an L-styled boxed-like  house with colors blue and white and with a swimming pool, of course. I would like a swimming pool that is covered when not in used to avoid it from being a perfect spot for mosquitoes to lay their eggs. It would be a water haven for summer and a playground for rainy days. Dreamy isn’t it? For me who couldn’t afford to spend even for its lot, yep, this house is definitely a dream!

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6 Responses to “30-Day Blog Challenge: My Dream House”

  1. genny says:

    every woman’s dreams to have a house such as this one. count me in!hehehe was here sis…:-)

  2. Mrs.D says:

    ganda nang dream house mo sis…ako naman gusto ko yung nipa hut pero modern yung interior at malapit sa beach…ehehehe!

  3. Hopeful says:

    I like your dream house sis Chie. Invite nya ko for the house blessing if mkaplit nka ani ha? hehehe.

  4. Aileen says:

    This is a very nice house. I like that it has large windows. I wouldn’t mind staying in it all day :-)

  5. angel says:

    qandah…..wonderful house 8s really wonderful to be dreamed off..

  6. rosalia says:

    this is my dream house i love it so much i wish to have it right now <3

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