Are you on maternity leave? Shame on you, loafer!

It is believed that a woman who does not go to work and does not bring money to the family does not do anything. Sits on a neck at the husband and enjoys light feeling of motherhood. Discuss the opinion?

- Do not have time, you say? What did you do all day? At home you sit! - once again heard Vera from her husband returned from work.

Yes, she did not have time to run to the store and fix his favorite jeans, which leak on her knee. But she really sat at home. True, along with two children, the same age ...

It was insulting to her to tears. Every mother will understand this insult, and she remembers what it is like to spin all day, like a squirrel in a wheel, when tea is forgotten on the table, and some things just fly out of my head.

In defense of all such moms who are sitting on maternity leave and not doing anything, the American tattoo artist Richelle Castleberry spoke out. She herself has two children and she knows firsthand what it feels like to live in a round-the-clock routine of caring for the family.True, her view of things is a little different from our reality, but America. But there’s something in common. After all, it's not for nothing that her post on Facebook scored almost 650,000 likes, more than three hundred reposts and about five hundred comments.

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We allow ourselves to bring this epic publication in its entirety. And even carefully translate it.

“Conversation between husband (M) and psychologist (P):

P:What do you do?

M:I work as an accountant in a bank.

P:Your wife?

M:She does not work. She is a housewife.

P:Who in your family makes breakfast?

M:My wife, because she does not work.

P:What time does your wife wake up?

M:She wakes up early because she needs a lot of care. She cooks dinner for the children, makes sure that they are well dressed and combed, had breakfast, brushed their teeth and took with them all the school supplies. She wakes up with the baby, changes his diapers and changes his clothes. Breastfeeds him and collects food for children in school.

P:How do your kids get to school?

M:My wife takes them to school because she’s not working.

P:And when she takes them to school, what does she do?

M:Usually, she wonders what else she can do while she’s left in a car so as not to remove the child seat once again. For example, go to the supermarket or pay bills.Sometimes she forgets something and then she has to go on business again - along with the baby. After returning back home, she should feed the children with lunch, breastfeed the baby, change the diaper and put him to bed. Then clean up the kitchen, do the laundry and cleaning the house. Well, you understand - because it does not work.

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P:In the evening, when you come back from work, what are you doing?

M:Rest, of course. I get tired after working all day in the bank.

P:What is your wife doing in the evening?

M:She prepares dinner, sets the table, washes dishes, cleans the kitchen again, and walks the dog. Helps children do their homework, makes sure they wash and change into their pajamas before bedtime, change the diaper to the baby, give the children warm milk, and make sure they brush their teeth. At night, she often wakes up to breastfeed and, if necessary, change the diaper while we sleep. After all, she does not need to get up to work.

When the woman was asked whether she was working or just a housewife, she replied: I work as a wife 24 hours a day. I am a mother, a woman, a daughter, an alarm clock, a cook, a mistress, a hostess, a bartender, a babysitter, a nurse, a handyman, a security guard, an adviser, a quilt.I have no holidays, sick leave and days off. I am always on duty. I do not get paid. But despite this, I constantly hear: “What do you do all day?”

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Familiar? I, perhaps, subscribe to every word. But many mothers still manage to work with it ...

- This is the order of many women around the world. They are busy from early morning, and their day is already past midnight. And you call this “not working” ?! - Outraged Richelle. - To be a housewife, you do not need to have a diploma, but the house will hold onto you.

Finally, the woman wished:

- Love and appreciate your wife, mother, grandmother, aunt, sister, daughter ... because their sacrifice is priceless. A woman is like salt - she is not noticed when she is, but without her everything becomes bland.