Why is the baby not sleeping?

A huge number of factors can affect the quality of a child’s sleep. Paying attention to all the details, without exception, parents will be able to provide the precious crumbs with proper rest both at night and in the daytime.

5 reasons for poor sleep

We will not consider cases when sleep disorders are caused by diseases. Let's talk about why the child sleeps poorly, being healthy.


To understand why the child is not sleeping, pay attention to conditions that can distract the child from sleep.

For example, on the bed of newborns, they often hang up spinning and luminous elements that are intended to entertain the baby in moments of wakefulness. But the soothing effect, favorable for sleep, they give not every child. In addition, the crumbs can be distracted by fluorescent wallpaper or individual luminous elements of the decor, night lights.

Older children can put to sleep various gadgets: a computer and a smartphone, DVD-play, TV and gaming console, mp3 player. Spending time before bedtime with your favorite digital device,the child receives a portion of very bright emotions that prevent him from falling asleep. A similar effect can give a new toy book. Of course, to prohibit the child to play or watch movies, listen to music, can not be read. But it is better for this to choose the time a few hours before bedtime, so that the crumb has time to calm down by the given hour.

Of course, the reason why the child does not want to sleep may be too loud parental voices, noise in the street or at the neighbors, anxiety that the pet delivers, and so on.

Negative emotions

Adverse psychological situation in the family is very acutely perceived by infants and adolescents. And therefore it is very important that a married couple find a way to live together, in love and harmony, otherwise the nervous breakdowns of the baby in early and in old age cannot be avoided.

In addition, a child may be disturbed by some kind of fear or concern about something. At the end of the day, it is better to carry out calming conversations with the child. Discuss with him the results of the day, emphasizing the good things that happened, setting up a good new day. Answer his questions. Try to cover topics that concern the child.

Disrupted sleep

Very often the reason why a child does not sleep during the day or at night is the lack of a clearly defined sleep schedule.

Gradually, to accustom the baby to the fact that he will have a certain time during the day, when he will have to rest, it is possible already from 10 months. Until that time, of course, the grit will dictate its own rules.

Putting the child to sleep later (for example, to have time to play with him after the working day, so that he can sit with guests, etc.), you reduce his sleep time by 30-40 minutes in advance. And over time, go to bed late and sleep a little becomes a habit. Focus on the available standards:

  • The total daily sleep of children under 5 months should be at least 18 hours.
  • From 5 to 9 months - approximately 15-16 hours.
  • A child between the ages of 10 months and 6 years should sleep around 13 hours; after 6 years, the total duration of sleep can be gradually reduced by 1.5-2 hours. At the same time, daytime sleep in 1-1.5 years should be 3-3.5-4 hours (the first dream is 2-2.5 hours, the second dream is 1.5 hours). Children from 1.5 to 2 years old can sleep in the afternoon already once - 2.5-3 hours. At the age of 2-6 years old, you can sleep in the afternoon once, approximately 2 hours.
  • Starting from 6-7 years old, the child may already stop sleeping during the day.The total duration of sleep should be at least 9-10 hours, and better all 11-12, because now the child will get tired at school.
  • Children over 8 years old can sleep for about 10 hours.

“Bad” bed / room

Do not know why the child does not sleep at night? Analyze the following points:

  • Does your child have an understanding that his bed is the only correct, best and comfortable place to sleep?

If you allow the baby to fall asleep in the parent's bed or with your grandmother / grandfather, then very soon he may simply not want to be alone during sleep. And this can be a serious problem for the family. Therefore, make an exception to the rule only in special cases when the child is sick or when he is scared because of the strong wind / thunderstorm outside. Be consistent in this matter.

  • Is the bed too big for a child?

A new spacious berth can be a reason for the joy of the parents and the fears of the child, because now this favorite feeling of close comfort has been replaced by the feeling of still frightening freedom.

Do not rush to buy the baby a large bed, wait until he wants it. If the purchase has already been made, then you can try to resolve the issue with a large number of pillows and favorite toys that will surround the baby during sleep.

  • Are there good sleeping conditions in the children's room?

Both infants and older children will not sleep well in a cramped and stuffy room or in a room where it is too cold. In a very small child, a very dark room will not cause a negative, but for a kid at a more conscious age this can be a serious problem. Rarely does a child want to sleep at a non-shuttered window, in which the monster will appear.

Breaking the traditions

The reason why an infant or baby is not sleeping is of an older age may be the failure to observe the evening ritual of bedtime, which is usual for him. It may be:

  • Washing with a sister / parents / grandparents;
  • Reading a chapter from a favorite book;
  • "Magic" father's kiss for the night;
  • Combing hair;
  • Reading prayers;
  • Putting in the crib dolls.

Try to ensure that the child always has these simple joys, soothing him and motivating him to sleep.