Why does a blue screen appear?

Anyone who is confronted daily with computer work has encountered a blue screen problem with white text. You can get rid of it only by restarting the computer. It is called: "Blue screen of death". Why it appears and how to eliminate these reasons, we will analyze in detail in this article.

Where did this name come from

In modern Windows systems, this screen is not already in the form of blue with white text. Now it depicts, for example, on Windows 8, the expression of a sad smile. It often crashes when testing new operating systems. But this is the most innocuous version of his appearance.

In the first versions of Windows Vista, these were red screens. And at the time of using earlier versions of Windows 1.0 and 2.0, the screens were black. The common name for the blue screen of death was introduced to California company employee Eric Noahs in 1991.

Why blue screen of death? This concept came to us from the English language. The phenomenon itself, due to which it appears, sounds like "Stop Error", which means "stop due to an error". And the blue screen of death is a translation from Blue Screen of Death, abbreviated BSoD.

Thus, by displaying this screen on your monitor, the Windows operating system informs you of a critical error that has occurred. Due to its occurrence, the system is no longer able to work stably and has to stop.

The error is displayed on a blue screen with white text describing its Stop code. On it you can find out the cause of its occurrence, and thus learn how to eliminate. The code is a record in the form of a hexadecimal number system, having the prefix 0x. They are used by system services in the C programming language. Such a BSoD code can only be recognized by a competent specialist in this field. It is used in Windows XP / Vista / 7 / Server 2003 operating systems. The Microsoft technical support site contains detailed descriptions of all errors and explains why a blue screen appears in connection with each of them. After all, to accurately determine the cause of the error, it is necessary to correctly recognize its parameters.

Why the blue screen crashes

There are many factors that can cause problems with the operating system. The main reasons why the blue screen of death appears are critical errors. They occur during the execution of kernel code or a driver in kernel mode, when the further functioning of the operating system is impossible.Let us examine these reasons in more detail.

A blue screen crashes, for example, when some components, a video card, hard disk, audio adapter, or devices in PCI slots were replaced. As a result, the drivers installed for these devices may not be compatible with the already existing computer configuration. Here it becomes impossible to continue the work of the system and a Stop Error occurs, that is, it stops due to an error. As a result, BSoD is displayed to the user, which describes the entire problem in detail.

In such situations, only a reboot can help. As a result, it loses all unsaved user data, and hence installed conflict driver packages.

The blue screen can be accessed by pressing a certain key combination. This can happen by accident if the keyboard is handled incorrectly. For example, there are people who like to put various objects and packs of documents on it, or a child, playing with her, can press the hot key combination to call BSoD. In such a situation, caused by an artificially blue screen, does not carry information about errors, since they did not occur.This function is used by system engineers to identify problems affecting the operation of a computer system. Frequently intentionally invoking BSoD can lead to information loss and operating system malfunction. Therefore it is worth being careful in handling the keyboard.

Actions when a blue screen appears

As mentioned above, when a blue screen appears, you need to restart the computer. If this does not help, and the error comes out again, then you need to look for the cause of the problem. Consider the occurrence of BSoD and troubleshooting.

  • If you make changes to the system BIOS settings, errors may occur that will be reported by a blue screen. In this case, you must set the default settings, that is, select the Default item. Then the BIOS will reset to factory settings.
  • There are virus programs whose goal is to damage the boot record MBR and the boot sector. To do this, you need to run a recovery disk that has a functioning antivirus and scan the system with it. Such distributions can be downloaded from the official websites of companiesengaged in the development of antiviruses. In addition, there are special utilities for checking and editing boot records. Using such software, you can adjust the MBR, bringing the computer in working condition.
  • Often, the blue screen of death appears when there is a malfunction or incompatibility of RAM modules. In this case, you should install the rulers in other slots, swap them, or try to install them one by one. In the latter case, it will be possible to identify the faulty module. You can also identify errors that occur due to problems in RAM, you can use the utility to test it. For example, a staffing tool called Windows Memory Diagnostic.
  • Problems with the hard drive can lead to a blue screen. In this case, you should check the HDD using the standard Windows utility CHKDSK. It performs the search and elimination of errors, and also deals with the restoration of bad sectors. If, after using CHKDSK, the error is still displayed on the screen, you should apply deeper HDD analyzes using specialized utilities, for example, from Acronis.

Preventing the appearance of a blue screen

In order not to encounter problems with the emergence of a blue screen once again, you should follow a few simple rules when working with a computer.

  • Do not install software that is randomly unknown to you.
  • You should always have an antivirus installed on your computer that is updated regularly.
  • It is necessary to periodically clean the operating system. Since in her system folders accumulate "remnants" of the once installed, then remote programs.
  • Use driver packages for components downloaded only from the official sites of manufacturers of "iron".
  • Computers will certainly become obsolete. Developers of new components stop supporting old ones. So, for this reason, there may be incompatibilities of software innovations and outdated drivers. You should conduct a periodic upgrade of your computer configuration, if you want to use modern software.

Now you know why the blue screen crashes. But remember that with its frequent appearance, you should definitely contact a specialist. After all, inexperienced self-treatment harms not only people, but also technology.