Why not take the army?

Elena Lukash
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��������������������������������������������April 8, 2013
Why not take the army?

Despite the numerous reforms related to the army service, it is still difficult for young people to be lured into the ranks of Russian troops. The law in this regard gives some concessions, though not all conscripts. So why not take the army:

  • Due to poor health. The list of diseases �exempting� from the service can be found in the act that bears the title: �On the approval of the Statute on Military Medical Examinations�.
  • As a result of outstanding convictions. The army does not call for those against whom there is a judicial investigation, inquiry or preliminary investigation. The service is not threatened by those who are serving a sentence: under arrest, restricted in freedom and undergoing correctional work.
  • Because of study. Students who study full-time in specials may well count on a delay. College, university or college.
  • If the selection commission decides that the man has not passed the professional-psychological selection.In its process, the commission looks at the characteristics of the person from the place of study or work, pays attention to whether he is on the police account.
  • The army will not be able to take the sole breadwinner of the family, as well as a person caring for retirees or sick helpless people.
  • A father�s child under the age of three or father of two minor children will be released from the service.
  • A young man who has a brother or sister under the age of 8, who is raised by a father or single mother, will be freed from the service.

To obtain a deferment from the army, contact the district commission on conscription at the place of registration and seize documents confirming the above facts.

If any problems arise with the military registration and enlistment office, appeal to the article �On Military Duty and Military Service�. The draft commission, when deciding on the distribution of men in the service, is obliged to discuss the family and material situation of the recruit, to assess his health and take into account his specialty. Moreover, according to the law, the young man�s wishes to join the ranks of the Russian troops should be taken into account. As a rule, the final decision takes the majority of votes.

In the case if young people are still exempted from military service, henceforth the recruiting office should not ask why these citizens do not serve in the army. Agenda must stop.