Why not kill?

Dmitry Chepcheruk
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��������������������������������������������August 1, 2012

Sometimes it is not easy for children to explain why animals, insects and even more people cannot be killed. Even for adults it is incomprehensible, and here we are confronted with cruelty, and sometimes with crimes.

The ban on murder: from religion to superstition

  • If we consider this question from the point of view of religion, then we will know that God created all people in the image and likeness of his own and endowed all people with a soul. All life is created by God, comes from God and belongs only to him. Consequently, we cannot, we do not have such a right - to take away the life of a person. In addition, there are the Divine commandments, one of which is �Thou shalt not kill.� That is, it is forbidden to kill, the commandment does not say �Thou shalt not kill a man�, but it speaks much more widely. Religion against the ruthless and unnecessary killing of animals. God created animals and said that they will serve man, they are not endowed with soul and mind, like a man. Only if necessary, animals can serve us as food. Therefore, without urgent need you can not kill any insects or animals.No religion in the world preaches murder; on the contrary, they are strictly forbidden.
  • In philosophy, there are different points of view and many famous personalities have argued that everything that is not prohibited is allowed to a person. Still, most philosophies condemn such a position, because it is at least unfair, because everyone has the right to life. Many people justify this by saying that a person cannot bring the dead back to life, and, therefore, does not have the right to take away what he cannot create. This view is shared by many philosophers.
  • There are also various signs by which to kill an animal in the house is a very bad sign. For example, many do not know why you can not kill spiders. Whereas it is believed that the spider in the house is a symbol of happiness and good luck. It is impossible to kill even very unpleasant individuals of large size. There are many legends stating that spiders have saved human lives more than once and took away their misfortune. It is believed that if the spider falls or descends on its head, then this person will soon have a large monetary gain. Seeing the spider on the street, outside the house, is also considered a very good sign. Therefore, killing spiders is not recommended.