Why marry?

Marriage is a responsible decision. Not everyone is able to decide on him. Why marry? What is the essence of marriage? And what are the advantages and disadvantages of family life?

Let's talk about this in more detail.

Marriage for a man

Why do men marry? An unequivocal answer to this question can not be given. The most common causes of men for which they go for it:

  • The presence of frequent sex: I wanted, and go nowhere, do not look, the wife is always there.
  • Position in life: in any case, the family must have.
  • The ultimatum of the woman: either we go to the registrar, or we part.
  • A very common reason is marriage due to youth or stupidity.
  • Many marry because they just want to experience new sensations.
  • Marriage "on the fly."
  • Much less often, unfortunately, but men marry for love, to be with their beloved is always there and create a family with her.

And now let's take a closer look at these reasons.

  • Sex. Why do people get married? To have constant sex in a marriage? First, while the young man achieves a young girl, he desires her passionately, he is attracted to her, but having achieved her favor, he gradually begins to lose passion towards her.This is equivalent to when you want a lot of candy, but after eating a kilogram, you don’t want it again for a long time. Secondly, having had enough of this girl, the man realizes that there are many other young, beautiful and appetizing women around. So marry for sex, believe me, this is stupid. Men by nature - males, sex, they will always be missed, therefore, if the cause of your marriage was sex, then get ready for what your partner will change you.
  • Life position. Yes, it is possible that this young man had a happy happy family, and they wish him that. And this does not mean that he will be happy in marriage. As they say, some families are created for happiness, others for scandals and quarrels. Therefore, I believe that just following the tradition of having a family is not enough. Usually, many families created just for this reason are unhappy.
  • To marry at the insistence of a woman is completely unreasonable. Making decisions under threat “Get married or I'll leave you” is not the act of a responsible man. If a woman puts such conditions, then she needs not a man, but a stamp in the passport and the status of a married lady.
  • In youth, love passions are boiling, feelings seem brighter, more sincere, stronger.Young people still have little life experience, but there is an excess of romance and love experiences. Under the influence of feelings, many marry in youth or foolishness, confusing true love with strong love. If love does not develop into love and the partners do not need anything from each other, then such marriages in most cases break up.
  • There are experimental people. They are always interested in everything, they want to learn as much as possible, to experience and experience everything possible in their life. Many of these people decide to marry out of curiosity, to find out what it is like to be a husband or wife. And then how lucky: like it - it means there will be a good family, if you don’t like it - the marriage will be dissolved.
  • Very popular marriages "on the fly." The girl suddenly became pregnant suddenly, and the real gentleman who is also guilty of her pregnancy cannot leave her, because she feels responsible for the fate of the girl and their common child. Everything will be fine if both love each other; if the guy marries only under duress, then he will be tormented.
  • And finally, one of the rarest, but still common causes is a marriage of love.Yes, men marry beloved women! When a woman is really dear and close to a man, when he realizes that this is true love and not a passion, he makes her an offer. In the case of mutual love, a happy marriage is guaranteed for such a couple.

The role of women in marriage

So why are we getting married? Let's think about what a woman can give a man in a marriage? This is, above all, the new status of a man who has moved to a different level of his life. A man becomes a family man. He knows that he has a family hearth, where he will always be expected, cheerful and angry, good and bad, in the rain or on a sunny day. Over time, there are children - the continuation of their parents. They give life new colors, and also make a person feel responsible for someone's life.

Repeated marriages

But, unfortunately, there are such situations: it did not work out, the tracks went apart, the family fell apart. Then why are we getting married again?

  • Firstly, there are situations when men marry again in order to take revenge on their former wives, to show "look how good I am, what kind of man you missed." They marry to raise their self-esteem, to prove to others and, above all, to themselves that he is still capable of something.
  • Secondly, there are such cases when people meet their real soul mate and create strong happy families. And they rate the previous marriage as stupidity, a mistake of youth.
  • Thirdly, people get married already in adulthood. Here, not so much love plays a special role, as the fear of being alone in old age.

What keeps a happy marriage

Well, in conclusion, I want to say: you have to marry that woman, for the sake of which you are ready to go forward, develop, improve yourself, create and bring all this to whom? Of course, her. And not for the sake of constant sex, care and attention, which will be given only to you. Not for the sake of their whims and pleasure, but for the sake of their feelings and the other person, the one who will always be close at a difficult moment, will help in case of trouble, will be glad if you are doing well or you have succeeded. Only then the relationship and family will be very sincere and real.

If you are ready to create a real strong family and firmly know why you marry, then go ahead! Good families should be a lot. After all, the family is the main unit of society, in which children are born and a new generation matures.