Why is it better to buy wardrobes in Stylbest

Sliding wardrobes today occupy a leading place in popularity among similar furniture products. This is due to several factors determining their attractiveness to consumers:

  • Cheapness. Due to the lack of rear and, in most cases, side walls (or the use of inexpensive thin materials for their organization), the cost of a finished wardrobe is much lower than the classical analogue of a similar volume.
  • Save space. Modern wardrobes are installed in various technological niches or occupy unused corners of rooms. Furniture of a similar design does not occupy a significant place, saving space of rooms. Particularly relevant are such products for small rooms (bedrooms, corridors, vestibules), but also in sizeable rooms they are able to effectively fit in, qualitatively complementing the interior.
  • Aesthetics. Modern technologies allow to produce furniture products that meet the most diverse styles of interior design.
  • Multifunctionality. Sliding wardrobes can be used as wardrobe furniture products or combine the functions of dressers, that is. To be equipped with various volume drawers, compartments for linen and small things. Moreover, these structural elements can be both outdoor and installed behind common external doors.

Exterior wardrobe interior trim options

At the heart of the wardrobes (visible surfaces) the following materials can be used:

  • Metal, glass. Such furniture design is best suited for rooms decorated in modern high-tech style.
  • Tree. Natural wood in the production of wardrobes today is used quite rarely. Much more functional, reliable and durable are products made of wood-shaving (or wood-fiber) materials, the outer surfaces of which are covered with various protective and decorative materials, for example, laminate film or veneer of natural wood.Such constructions have excellent aesthetic data and excellent durability because they are almost immune to harmful external influences, such as moisture, heat, ultraviolet radiation.
  • The most popular among modern consumers are wardrobes, the doors of which (and sometimes stationary external elements) are made of mirror materials. In this case, there is no need to equip the hallway, corridor or bedroom with a full-length mirror or a mirror dressing table. The mirror surface of the wardrobes can be either clean or have additional decorative elements - various patterns, made by sandblasting or by applying various plasticities, coloring compositions. It is possible to apply any ornaments, patterns, even pictures according to the customer’s templates.