Why do I love him?

No scientist can explain the reason for the appearance of an obsessive thought, why I love him. And in general it is impossible to determine what the nature of this feeling is. There are several signs by which it can be understood that feeling for a man is very serious, and allows us to speak not about simple love, but about love.

You should listen to yourself if you:

  • wait for his call, any sign of attention with impatience and take them with great pleasure;
  • the time spent with him flies by unnoticed, and without it stretches agonizingly long;
  • the lack of attention on his part is justified by any means possible, ready to understand all explanations, even the most ridiculous, and forgive;
  • strive to spend as much time with him as possible;
  • ready to let him into your life, to introduce him to your friends and relatives;
  • for the sake of it you can refuse your favorite business, hobby, leisure, spent with friends, and most importantly - from freedom;
  • draw pictures of your future together;
  • want him to be the father of your children;
  • put the interests of men above their own, ready to take care of him, to dedicate his life to him;
  • ready for the sake of his happiness to sacrifice their own;
  • able to even give up the man, if only he was good.

Reasons for choosing

The opinions of scientists are divided about how a person chooses an object of love. Some argue that the basis of choice is the smell, biochemical processes occurring in the human body. Others believe that when choosing the main role is played by external data, the difference in height and age.

It’s even harder to figure out why I love him. It will help a simple test. You need to imagine that your loved one is no more. Just not all. Where he has gone is unimportant, such a person does not live on Earth. Imagine life without him as clearly as possible. Submitted? Now take a piece of paper, divide it into two parts and write in one side all the positive moments of life without a loved one, and on the other all negative ones. Which column has more?

Then take another sheet, divide it into two halves, in one indicate all the positive characteristics of the beloved, and in the other - all the negative.More get positive qualities. Everything that you wrote describes an attitude towards a man. That's what you love him for.

These tests, among other things, help to make a decision in difficult situations, to make a choice, clearly demonstrating whether you need a person so much, whether your feelings are so strong.

Love and love

It should be understood that love is not love at all. Light, bright feeling, quickly arising and also instantly passing, most likely, love. Love is more complex, multifaceted, includes the attraction of the soul, mind and body, according to Eastern sages. And so they understood this question.

You can discuss this topic for a long time, you can even turn to a psychologist for advice, but without an understanding of what is happening, no one can help you understand why I love him. Or maybe you do not need to look for an answer to this question? Love itself is a wonderful feeling.