What is the dream of the operation?

Elena Melnichenko
Elena Melnichenko
February 27, 2015
What is the dream of the operation?

The operation in a dream is definitely a sign. On the one hand, this may be a dream to a deterioration in health, and on the other hand - to the successful completion of the cases initiated. In this situation, it all depends on some details.

In the article we will talk about what the dream is about.

Meaning of dream

Depending on the situation in which the person sees the operation, this dream can be interpreted.

If a man or woman in a dream is undergoing an operation, then health must be taken care of, since this is a harbinger of impending serious illness. It can also mean an intrusion into your business. If you are doing business or are in a good position, you should look at the competitors and subordinates.

Those who observe the operation in a dream will have to make a responsible decision in real life, on which the further course of events or their fate may depend.

If a person appears in the form of a doctor or assistant at the operation - this is to the successful completion of the cases initiated or conceived. It can also mean that you interfere with other people's lives.You should reconsider your actions, perhaps even a small interest may seem to others around annoying interference in the affairs of others.

To dream of an operation on the implantation of an organ - to good luck and good prospects. For a dreamer, the implantation of his organs can mean a hard time and stagnation in affairs.

Virtually all interpreters agree on one thing: that an operation (operation) is a change in life for good or for bad, depending on what role a man or woman plays in a dream.

If you have had a surgery in real life, and then you have a dream, then this may indicate that you are recovering, or it may simply be the personification of the experienced emotions.