Why dream of hair?

Leonid Veselov
Leonid Veselov
August 8, 2012
Why dream of hair?

Many of us have dreams and often we would like to know what they mean.

For example: why dream of hair

Hair is your inner world, it symbolizes your personality. The value of sleep depends on what form it takes.

To dream of clean, healthy and thick hair means well-being and the addition of strength and energy. For girls to see in a dream beautiful hair on themselves to wealth, respect, longevity. For a woman to comb her hair to frivolity, to the desire to unravel a difficult situation.

To wash hair to a long road. Combing the hair back means a fun journey. Neatly collected hair is a good sign, you are surrounded by good kind people with whom you are very friendly.

Men, as a rule, in most cases have dreams that they are balding or that their hair falls out badly. This dream is a financial problem, but it may mean that you will pay off your debts, you should not get very upset, better be more careful in your work. Stroking a woman's hair means success in love.

What dreams long hair

For a long time, long hair, in particular a long braid, was considered a sign of beauty. The long spit is a long road, our grandmothers said. To have long thick hair in a dream for wealth, honor and power.

Why dream of cutting hair

If you dreamed that you were cutting someone, then this is a good dream, which means that thanks to your professional qualities, you will achieve the desired. Haircut means something new, business, undertaking, dating, but if you cut your hair, be careful, beware of deception and treachery. Cut it yourself, a bad sign of poverty.

However, if you often think about how you look, and if in life you are very concerned about your hair, then most likely, unconsciously, you want to have a haircut, then you had a dream in your hand. And you will go to the hairdresser.

Of course, each person is individual, and therefore he must also interpret a dream in his own way.