Why dream of a white horse?

Oksana Vasilyeva
Oksana Vasilyeva
February 18, 2015
Why dream of a white horse?

There are dreams that, in any interpretation, have positive symbolism. So this is exactly the case! White horse in a dream is a very good sign! Even if the interpretation presented in the dream book does not seem to be so favorable to you, in the end it will still turn out that the dream promises changes for the better. So why dream of a white horse? Let's see.

Total sleep

A horse is a beautiful animal, strong, noble, impetuous. It is a symbol of beauty, speed, endurance and intelligence. White color symbolizes purity, purity, the possibility of favorable changes. Therefore, the dream in which you dreamed of a white horse is a harbinger of the best changes, the possibility of starting everything from a white sheet.

It is this primary value that must be considered first. And then pay attention to the features of sleep, some little things. Even if the dream does not promise positive change, he warns about something, and we have the opportunity to avoid trouble.

Sleep features

  • Running away white horse - you are waiting for financial problems.
  • Dirty and tired white horse - expect betrayal or meanness.
  • Shoe a white horse - you will succeed and glory, but only thanks to your hard work.
  • Watching the white horse - all your endeavors will be lucky.
  • Running white horse - you will find hard work that will justify the achievement of the goal.
  • A swimming white horse is a signal that it’s time to start a family or somehow reconsider one’s attitude towards an existing marriage.
  • Wounded white horse - you will find a difficult journey, loneliness or longing for loved ones.
  • Ride a white horse - beautiful perspectives will open before you.
  • To ride a white horse - you will soon receive an award or other award.
  • Feed the white horse - you will manage to find the culprit of your problems or uncover deception.
  • To see a white horse with a foal - good luck and profit are waiting for you.