Why dream of a little boy

Kids in real life - a source of hope and joy, as well as troubles and excitement. And what does a dream mean, where did you see a small child? Dream books will help explain it.

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Why dream of a small child
Why dream of a little kid boy

Dream Interpretation of Meridian

To see a newborn baby in a dream - a good omen, the news of pregnancy, the resolution of a difficult problem, the implementation of a long-term project; for a pregnant woman - a foreshadowing of easy delivery.

A small child is crying in a dream - the dream book promises bright events in life, you roll it in a carriage - get ready for an emergency important trip.

Female dream book

To see in a dream a joyful, active, pure child - you will have a strong friendship and reciprocity in love; crying - you are waiting for frustration and health problems; taking your first steps, you are independent and despise lifely vulgarity and idle talk.

To nurse the baby in a dream - to deception by the closest person.

To hold in the hands of a sick child, who is tormented by fever, - to sorrow and mental anguish.

Taking care of a little boy in a dream is a precursor to lucrative deals and business success.

Vedic dream

To nurse a child in a dream - to sorrow and grief.

To see a sick child - to death in the family.

Chinese dream book

To dream of a baby - to great family happiness; hugging a child - to disagreements and scandals; the death of a child - to noisy disputes.

Ukrainian dream book

What a little child dreams about: in the general sense - a symbol of work, troubles, miracles, fights and quarrels; well-fed - to pleasant efforts, well-being, good mood and well-being; thin, capricious - to annoying troubles; soiled - to ailment; sucking breasts - to long poverty; baby - to the care and hassle; an older child - to help; a lot of kids - to the worries and anxieties.

To give birth to a baby - to wealth; to feed a young woman - to profit, the old woman - to the grave illness and death.

A man holds a child in a dream on his shoulders or arms - a son is born, a woman - wait for the birth of a daughter.

French dream book

Children dream of luck and good luck in business; talk and have fun with them - to joy; holding hands - to the happy completion of an important or risky business.

Muslim dream book

What is the dream of a small child: the familiar to the dreamer - foreshadows fun,unfamiliar - a dream warns about worries, sorrows and the appearance of the enemy, but not dangerous; an adult in the form of a baby - to commit an act for which you will be convicted.

Dream interpretation Shereminskoy

They saw a small child in a dream - much to the surprise; beautiful - to joy; naked and dirty - to condemnation, unexpected troubles; the dead - to the early disappointment and anxiety.

His child dreamed of being ill - in fact he was not threatened with dangerous diseases, but annoying troubles are possible; seriously ill or dead - a warning about major problems, including health.

Modern dream book

Why dream of a little boy or girl: a young woman is a reflection of the desire to give birth to a baby; nice, well-groomed, strong - a dream promises happiness, luck, reciprocity in love and strong friendship; crying - to disappointment or poor health; illegal - to gossip and gossip.