Who is this bitch?

All women are different. There are homemade tricks, cheeky cats, loving mothers, clever and beautiful women. And there are bitches. The word "bitch" causes a storm of emotions, both positive and negative, leaving no one indifferent. Men are attracted to them, girls try to imitate them, while other women envy them. Who is this bitch? Let's figure it out. If you look into the dictionaries, we learn that the bitch used to call the animal's corpse, carrion, carrion, and burn cattle. Later this word began to be used in relation to scandalous and shrill women. This use of the word has been preserved to this day. But now, in the 21st century, the word “bitch” is more often used in a different meaning, just in what causes a surge of emotions.

Who is she, a bitch of the XXI century? Now the bitch is called a strong, self-sufficient, intelligent, beautiful and loving woman. The peculiarity of the bitch is the combination of a flawless female appearance with a cold prudent mind and a masculine view of the world. What should be a real bitch?

Bitch: Distinctive Features

For the bitch there is no words “I do not want”, “I can’t”, “I won’t”, “I’m tired and lazy” in relation to my appearance.After a hard day's work, she will never fall on the bed and fall asleep with unclean teeth and indelible makeup. She cares and cherishes every inch of her body. Bitch loves and accepts itself as it is, but if there is an opportunity to improve its appearance, it will never miss it. In addition, the bitch has an impeccable taste in clothes and cosmetics. Lingerie - only the best, cosmetics - only quality. Many women, when leaving the house, suggest marafet and look their best, and at home they dress in old dressing gowns and panties. Bitch will never do that, because he respects himself and must keep the brand always and everywhere. At home she will be as beautiful as in humans.

Bitch is a secret sealed. Many of these women do not have a best friend and waistcoat, in which you can cry, because they do not allow themselves to regret. The bitch always has a smile on her face, no matter how bad she is. She will not complain to anyone about her concerns and problems, because she believes that this is only her own business. She talks little about herself, so the bitch is a mystery to those around her.

Bitch always knows how to achieve their goals with maximum benefit for themselves and with minimal losses. She is an excellent psychologist, observer, listener and analyst.Bitch masterfully owns the art of manipulating people.

The real bitch is always confident and not afraid of change. She will not show her weakness. She is characterized by restraint in behavior and a clear mind. She will not cry, begging her husband not to leave her, she will not curse and scream like a market woman, she will not, with interest, wash the bones of her acquaintance with her neighbor for evening tea. Her personal opinion remains with her, and if they are interested in her, she will share her thoughts, if she considers it necessary.

Who is a bitch in love and in a relationship? If a man has known a real bitch, then he will remember it for life. In male psychology, it’s the bitchs who understand the best among women Bitch attracts a man with his mystery, personality, lack of many female qualities and actions that annoy him. She is a master of seduction and seduction. One look of a stinker can burn a man's heart forever. In order to attract the attention of men, she does not even need to talk to him, she will do it with the help of gestures and facial expressions. And he decides that he first came to meet. And this happens throughout the relationship.Bitch prepares the ground on which the man then steps, and he thinks that he does it himself. She indulges male pride with words and compliments, but she does not lull her, because she knows that there is nothing worse than certainty in a relationship. She never lets a man relax and make him feel that he has completely conquered her. She surprises him every day with her behavior. Relationships bitch with a man can be represented by the example of an enthusiastic person who read the endless book with gusto. Bitch knows that a man loves beauty and sex. Therefore, every time in a new way she gives him pleasure in bed, while not forgetting to always be attractive. Bitch always throws men first. If she feels that the man has become cold to her, then she will either return him or throw the first one. In a situation of betrayal, the bitch will also act deliberately and slowly, sometimes resorting to the most ingenious plans. She can forever embroil a man with his mistress, while he will be sure that his bitch does not even suspect the existence of another woman. He decides that the relationship with his mistress has come to an end and that no one, except the beloved bitch,not able to appreciate it.

Of course, the bitches are also people, and they are not immune from failures. Stinkers, too, lose their jobs, loved ones, beloved men. But they always find the strength to stand up and with a beautiful gait, with their heads held high, to continue their life journey, conquering new peaks.

We have told you in general terms who such a bitch is. If you want to become a real bitch, do not forget to remain an individual too!