Who is He?

Anna Piskunova
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Who is He?

In ancient times, people worshiped various deities. These deities, in turn, formed a whole system in which each was endowed with its own functions. There was such a system in ancient Egypt. One of the most revered gods of the Egyptian pantheon was the god Thoth. Let's talk about who the One is for the ancient Egyptians.

He is the deity of the moon, of wisdom and knowledge. Also, his jurisdiction often include education, writing, religious ceremonies, archives, libraries. Together with the deity Heh he was responsible for the time. That is why they talk about his invention of the calendar and the usual calculation of the time of the year at 365 days. In addition to the above, they sometimes speak of Thoth as a deity that is associated with the spring awakening.

That, according to the ancient Egyptians, has certain features that they expressed through the drawings. Thus, Thoth is easily identified by the following features:

  • instead of a human head, it has an ibis head, which symbolizes the awakening of nature;
  • he has in his hands a thin stone tile with embossed images, which was characteristic of the scribes of the time;
  • sometimes he could be represented as a sacred animal, in this case a baboon.

In addition to external features, the Egyptians endowed Thoth with specific inner qualities: the God of That is the personification of intellect and wisdom. He is next to the god Ra and is a scribe, a vizier and a secretary for him, and for mortals - a true example to follow.

The deity of Thoth has a number of merits in the development of ideas about the world, time, knowledge among the ancient Egyptians.