Who is Hassan?

You have heard from the media about Ded Hasan, but you do not know what kind of person he is? Who is Grandpa Hassan? Under this pseudonym is Aslan Rashidovich Usoyan. This is the Russian thief in law and, as they say, criminal authority. The media have repeatedly called him chief in Caucasian organized crime groups.

Ded Hasan: biography facts

Grandfather Hassan was born in Tbilisi (Georgia) on January 27, 1937. Since his youth, he started having problems with the law. Already at the age of 19, he was convicted for the first time for resisting police officers. Most likely, this event brought Aslan to the slippery path of crime. Later, Aslan was convicted again, but for a more serious period of 5 years and this time for robbery, although later he was released early. On this, the adventures of Grandpa Hassan did not end, and he was convicted of speculation. In prison, Aslan Uoyan was crowned thieves in law, and a little later he was released on parole by a strange decision of the people's court.

Since the late 1980s, according to media reports, Aslan Usoyan controlled the southern criminal gangs of Russia. He was associated with illicit trafficking in weapons and drugs, as well as the extraction of natural resources.The lion's share of the income of the group of Ded Hasan was earned through illegal gambling business. Ded Hasan was not idle and in the period of the Georgian-Abkhazian conflict he provided feasible financial assistance to the Abkhaz militiamen, was in close relations with the Abkhazian criminal authority Beslan Johnua. In 2009, the media claimed that, according to law enforcement, Usoyan was the leader of the Caucasian criminal gangs, kept most of the Russian criminal gangs under control, regulated disagreements and problems between them. In the underworld, no one asks any questions about who Hassan is.

Conflict of Rudik of Baku and Aslan Usoyan

Since 1996, Usoyan had strained relations with the head of the Armenian criminal group, Rudolf Oganov, who was also a thief in law. The latter conceived the redistribution of spheres of influence and wanted to crush the business in the Krasnodar Territory. He did not stop at that, and in November 1997, he tried to achieve the deprivation of Aslan Uslyan of a thief in law at the thieves' walkers in the Moscow region. In Pyatigorsk, in early 1998, one of Oganov’s comrades was killed - a thief in law named Edik Moscow.According to the Interior Ministry, in 1998, Ded Hasan "crowned" George Sorokin. In February 1999, the war of criminal clans came to an end. In a roadside cafe near the Moscow Ring Road in Oganov, more than 40 bullets were fired, which caused him to die.

Murder of Grandpa Hassan

During his long life, Aslan Usoyan managed to survive many assassinations. He was shot several times, but he always remained alive. In 1998, he attempted in Sochi, but the killer missed, and Usoyan remained unharmed. However, all good things end sooner or later. So it was with Grandfather Hassan. He was completely assassinated in the second half of the day, on January 16, 2013 in Moscow right at the exit from the cafe “Old Faeton” on Povarskaya Street, and Ded Hasan was killed. According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the sniper who could not be detained took his position in the stairwell of the fifth floor of the house, whose windows overlooked the cafe. The sniper had a silent Val machine, he fired 6 shots. The first shot hit the victim. A wound to the neck was fatal for Grandpa Hassan. After that, Usoyan was taken to the Botkin hospital, where he later died. Now, about who the Grandfather Hassan, can only remember.From the wife of Grandfather Hassan left two children - the son Nodari and the daughter Nuna. Aslan’s daughter and wife live in Tbilisi, and her son in Russia.