What is choleric?

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What is choleric?

If you see a person who is bright, energetic, mobile, who speaks loudly, vividly shows his emotions and is always in the center of attention, then you are most likely faced with a choleric person. Let us consider in more detail who a choleric person is, what characteristics are inherent to him and what can be advised to a person with this type of temperament.

Characteristic choleric

Choleric - from the Greek. χολή (Choleric - one of the four types of temperament, which revealed Hippocrates. The name comes from the Greek χολή ("chole"), which means "bile." In general, such a person can be called impetuous, fast, passionately passionate about his work, able to overcome difficulties, but at the same time too stormy in his emotions, unbalanced, prone to drastic mood swings.

Although it is rare to meet a person with one pure temperament (each is more often characterized by the qualities of two or even more temperaments), yet the choleric temperament may be dominant. Therefore, those people who are more inherent in such a temperament, you need to find out its features and take them into account so that, if necessary, you can adjust your character.

The qualities of choleric

  • A born leader.Inborn leadership qualities.By nature, not always an extrovert, but likes to be visible. It has qualities that attract people to it.
  • It has an individual, personal opinion that is not afraid to express and defend. The instigator of disputes and their active participant.
  • Self-sufficient, independent and decisive.
  • Impulsive, hot, passionate.
  • Active in activity, restless, always striving for something.
  • Mood swings due to unstable nervous system.
  • Quick response, information "seizes on the fly."
  • He has sharp gestures and expressive facial expressions.
  • Choleric people - more living mind. Can and are able to hide their emotions. Important decisions prefer to make the mind, not the heart.

Appearance choleric

  • Famous choleric people: Suvorov, Dali, Chapaev, Bonaparte.Fragile, thin build. Well developed limbs.
  • The face is often oval in shape, the forehead is flat, tapering upwards.
  • Pointed chin.
  • Avian nose.
  • Long and thin legs.

Choleric child and parent choleric

The child choleric violently manifests its reaction to what is happening around. Can not calm down quickly, often irritable to any trifles. Such children can long and tirelessly express their dissatisfaction with any trifles.Little choleric people prefer moving and noisy games, very restless, "perpetual motion". They find it difficult to sleep in the evening, often sleeping restlessly.

Parent-choleric prefers the dominant type of education, requires unquestioning obedience. It may be a despot and a tyrant in extreme cases, however, from the positive qualities can be identified sensitivity and care, love for their children.

Choleric - quite serious parents, they want to make their children successful. They can teach them dedication, and by their own example.

Choleric at work

Monotonous work is not for him; it does not perform well the work associated with high tension, perseverance and utmost care. He can achieve results for a long time, he will be very stubborn, “taking by storm”, if he is given free rein.

Choleric chief.The choleric boss is a bright personality, a leader and at the same time a despot and a tyrant who is hard to convince. Relations with such a boss can be harmoniously built only in one case - to obey him. For choleric important result and interest in the work.

Often people with this temperament become military politicians.

Tips for choleric

Of course, such a temperament helps a person to become the soul of the company and achieve great results in their activities, however, it can also hurt. Since these people are often intolerant of criticism and opinion of others, they can create problems for themselves and make enemies. They can also get stuck on their work and turn into workaholics.

  • Choleric need to practice in developing other qualities of his character, give a different temperament a little "grow" in it.
  • Negative emotions should be splashed out in physical activity, for example, through sport. You can not suppress them.
  • Learn to express your positive emotions more widely. Choleric often restrained express them in contrast to the negative.
  • It is useful to do yoga and meditation, to develop intuition.
  • You will also need to develop the flexibility of thinking, to pay attention not only to your opinion, but also to the opinion of friends and relatives, to be able to see the situation from the outside. If the situation is dead-end and no further development is foreseen, then you should allow yourself to give up the goal in order not to waste forces.
  • You need to be able to let go of control, not always strive to be a leader.