What is a moderator?

Recently, a forum moderator has become very popular among network users who prefer remote work. So who is the moderator? The moderator of the forum is a kind of "overseer of the forum." This user has the ability to change, delete various messages from the forums monitored by him. The main task of the moderator is to control communication on the resource, as well as compliance with special rules of the site. Unlike the site administrator, the site moderator has limited rights.

In addition, the tasks of the site moderator include: increasing the popularity of the Internet resource (forum), increasing the number of participants, as well as the number of interesting discussions. The moderator is obliged to encourage the emergence of various topics on the forum and resolve conflicts that arise on the forum.

The main customers who are moderator customers are: owners of thematic forums and websites, large companies and the media, optimizers, SEO specialists.

In order to work as a qualified moderator on the site, it is necessary to have a good understanding of the “engines” on the forum (phpBB and so on).A specialist moderator must have knowledge of the basics of web programming (installing and configuring forum engines, plugin skins and extensions).

In addition, the moderator should have an idea about the topics of the forum, have the skills to communicate, resolve conflicts and disputes in difficult situations. It is also useful to have stress resistance and the absence of "star disease". Considerable experience of communication on the Internet, in various forums is welcomed.

The work of the moderator on a small, simple forum is low and ranges from 50 to 100 dollars per month. At the same time, the work of a moderator in a large and popular forum has a fairly high pay.

In order to find a job as a moderator, it is best to use the services of various job exchanges (weblancer.net, freelancer.net), etc.

Often, a user who controls another user group is called a group moderator on the forum. Who is the moderator of the group? Moderator of the forum group is assigned directly by the forum administrator. So, a group moderator can control one or more sub forums. Also, several moderators can be assigned to one subforum.Any moderator of the forum group must know the rules that are set by the administration. Among such universal rules: not to allow the appearance of obscene messages, insults, materials preaching Nazism, interethnic strife. In the event of such messages, the moderator must intervene in violations and delete messages that violate forum rules. In addition, the moderator has the right to correct gross lexical errors of users, the words parasites. Certain forum engines can set points for violations to users.

Among the advantages of the moderator's work are: the possibility of remote work at a chosen time and fixed wages. Among the minuses of the moderator's work is a small salary and constant stress when dealing with conflicting users. Now you probably know who the moderator is.