White shoe care tips

Whatever practical friends say, white shoes always look chic. But if someone finally invented the material of this shade, to which dirt and dust would not stick, women, and men too, would be overjoyed, running after a new snow-white couple. But until this happens, it remains to learn how to properly handle it, and learn a few simple rules of care, which will extend the service life.

Do not want to clean for a long time - do not stain!

To some, this statement may seem strange. Well, walking in white shoes and boots are now only at work, and getting in old shoes? Of course not, but it’s also better not to defile through puddles, mud and wet snow. And after each donning, do not forget to wipe them with a clean, dry cloth, so that the settled dust is not eaten up.

It is also important to properly prepare your pair for the new season. To do this, before the first toe, it must be treated with a special protective agent. But make sure that the composition does not have too many waxes, otherwise the air will cease to fall inside, and the legs will begin to sweat.

Get a special brush:

  • for soft skin you need a soft cloth;
  • polished leather material should be cleaned with a special crepe brush or a conventional eraser;
  • suede requires a special porous rigid sponge that will not allow it to falter.

Any cleaning agent should be applied on a brush or sponge, but not on the shoe itself; this can leave stains. And before washing or cleaning do not forget to get the laces, insoles and other removable items. It is necessary to wash and dry them separately.

How and what to clean?

White shoes should not only have separate care products, but also a storage place. If you do not want to find ugly stains on light-colored shoes, do not store them near black shoes.

Also remember that each material requires its own, special care.

  • The cloth. Most often from it sew sports shoes. In this case, it is best to use a brush and detergent, it can be a shampoo or even dishwashing detergent. It must be diluted in water, and from the sneakers or moccasins, first remove the laces, washing them separately. Apply the product to the entire surface of the fabric, and use a soft brush to rub. Then rinse off the foam and blot.

Next, in sneakers or sneakers you need to put crumpled paper so that they do not lose shape, and leave to dry. After complete drying, you can apply a special protective spray.

  • Suede. This type of shoe brings its owners the greatest amount of trouble if dirt and dust has not been removed on time. But do not despair, the main thing is to equip yourself with the right tools. First of all a stiff porous brush. With it, you need to clean the surface by moving the brush back and forth to raise the pile.

If water gets on the material and leaves a mark, moisten the brush with water and rub it. After cleaning, leave the shoes dry or wipe with a dry sponge.

  • Leather. Leather goods are more durable and durable, but the white color is quite delicate, because hard brushes can leave noticeable scratches on it. To wipe from dust such a pair is best a piece of woolen cloth, and after applying a colorless cream. This will help to keep the original shine longer.

Wash your snow-white boots or shoes with a soap solution or powder.

Helpful Tips

Taking care of white shoes will not bother you if you listen to helpful recommendations.

If you find that after several times the socks of your fabric sneakers have lost their whiteness, you can use effective means:

  • Vinegar and soda. The required proportion is 2: 3. Prepare a mixture that will start to foam, and apply to the fabric surface, thoroughly rubbing everything with a brush. Wash off the foam, and send the sports shoes to the washing machine, adding a little bleach. After all the procedures dry.
  • Toothpaste. It should be opaque, white. Put means on the polluted places and leave for 10 minutes. After that, wipe with a wet piece of cloth.

If your pair is made of leather, then kerosene or gasoline will help from erupted stains. You just need to moisten the cloth in one of these tools and rub the stains.

For a long time to keep the color and shine of new products will help egg white and milk. Mix 1 protein and 125 ml of milk and regularly wipe shoes with a mixture.

Traces from the grass can be easily removed by an ordinary eraser, but necessarily a light color. Dark spots on the leather pair can also be removed with milk, soak a sponge in it and wipe the surface, and then apply a colorless cream.

But how to care for boots or suede shoes? If they have old spots, take 1 tbsp. warm water and add 1 tsp of ammonia and peroxide. Dampen the sponge in the solution and rub the dirt spots. When the suede is dry, rub the surface with an eraser.

A mixture of gasoline and potato starch, or alcohol, which you need to wipe the stain, and then sprinkle with talcum powder can also save your smart couple from the stain that has appeared.

Careful treatment of acquired white footwear will significantly prolong the life of the shoe. But if it happened that stains appeared on it, then professional care products that can be purchased at shoe stores or popular tools available to everyone will always come to the rescue.

Do not forget also about periodic polishing and conditioners, which will allow the product to have an attractive look and a pleasant smell.

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