Which stone is suitable for twins?

Perebasova Evgenia
Perebasova Evgenia
July 17, 2012
Which stone is suitable for twins?

Fortune turned away from you? Maybe it's time to choose an amulet? Which stone is suitable for Gemini, and which is better not to buy? That's about it and tell you next.

Stones are one of the best energy carriers; with the help of a properly selected stone, you can accumulate both positive and negative energy, strengthen or weaken the character traits. Therefore, do not wear what you just like. It is necessary to carefully consider the choice of a stone for yourself, or as a gift to dear Gemini.

The choice of gem for Gemini will depend on the decade of the sign into which the person was born:

  • For the first decade of Gemini (05.22-31.05), jet and onyx, sardonyx and yellow beryl, golden topaz, amber or tourmaline will do.
  • For the second decade of Gemini (01.06-10.06): agate, topaz and all striped stones.
  • For the third decade of Gemini (11.06-21.06) it is recommended: amber, sapphire, emerald, carnelian.

Astrologers describe amber as "Gemini gold." Amber helps to attract friends and enhances intuition, it also activates cheerfulness.Twins are very sociable people, so having a large circle of contacts is paramount to them.

One of the characteristic features of Gemini is inconstancy, this feature will help smooth out such stones as jet, onyx and sardonyx.

Now you know which gem is suitable for Gemini. Please yourself and others with beautiful and useful stones.