Which generator to choose?

Recently, interruptions in electricity in the country. Therefore, I think to install a generator there. Advise what type of generator is best suited for a country house?
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Answered on February 8 07:41
I think, for starters, you should decide on the choice of a generator engine. There are petrol and diesel which of these suits your parameters more. For example, I bought gasoline for myself. It is great for equipping cottages with unstable power supply.
Answered on February 8 08:02
You all correctly noticed about the choice of the generator. Everyone should determine which model is most suitable for him and what specific requirements he places on this device. I can only advise you not to choose cheap generators, they usually break often. You can buy a generator on one of the sites on the Internet. For example, here
Answered on February 8 08:09
When choosing a generator, pay attention to compact size, high strength and safety for a person, low noise level, and greater environmental safety.Take the generators of well-known companies from them service at the highest level.