Do adenoids remove?

Unfortunately, today adenoiditis is a very common disease among children. Adenoids entering the lymphatic and pharyngeal ring are lymphoid tissue that is responsible for the immunity of the child. But when a child is often sick, this tissue becomes inflamed and becomes a source of constant infection. In addition, it also expands, closing the nasopharyngeal lumen, making it difficult for the child to breathe.

In addition to problems with breathing, adenoids cause a lot of trouble. A child with adenoiditis worsens sleep and appetite, he becomes sluggish. An infection from the nasopharynx can penetrate the ears, and hearing impairment, frequent otitis, appears. Adenoids can lead to various sinusitis, as well as complications such as tonsillitis, bronchitis, and even pneumonia. The peak incidence occurs at the age of 3 - 7 years.

Depending on how much space closes the growths, adenoids are divided into 3 degrees:

  1. Adenoids close 1/3 of nasopharynx.
  2. They close 2/3.
  3. All clearance is closed completely.

With grade 2 and 3, if conservative treatment does not help, doctors recommend removal. After this recommendation, parents panic, not knowing whether to remove adenoids.

What to do with the diagnosis of adenoids

  1. Seek advice from several ENT doctors who decide whether to have adenoids removed or if conservative treatment is required. Let them also make their decisions, which you then compare.
  2. Try all the methods of conservative treatment: washing, inhalation, physiotherapy, homeopathy, breathing exercises, folk remedies. Do not stop treatment, it may not give quick results, so do not give up ahead of time.
  3. Change the child's food, try to improve his immunity, eliminate his contact with other carriers of the infection, if necessary, take him for a while from the kindergarten.

When surgery is required

If nothing from the above does not help, the question of whether to remove the adenoids becomes an edge. Moreover, if the disease progresses, serious complications appear, the child’s face is deformed, then, best of all, to have an operation. Medicine today has gone very far, and the idea of ​​adenotomy has remained for many at the level of twenty years ago. Surgical intervention on the adenoids today is performed under general anesthesia in order not to injure the psyche of the child. Laser operations are also practiced.Adenotomy lasts only a few minutes, and children recover from it very quickly. Often, after the operation, the children, having lost the source of the infection inside themselves, stop being ill, their general condition improves, they seem to blossom in front of their eyes.

Thus, whether or not to remove the adenoids, you must decide together with the child’s primary care physician. Undoubtedly, before, to make a surgical intervention, you need to carry out all types of treatment, to do the child’s immunity, to change his lifestyle. And, only as a last resort, when nothing helps any more, it is possible to perform an operation to remove, before which the child needs to undergo a full examination of the body, take tests, check for allergies, cure all current diseases. The operation is performed only on a healthy child. Find a doctor and a clinic that you can trust the most expensive, your baby, strictly follow all the recommendations, and everything will be fine. Be healthy.