Where to sell clothes?

Almost all of us in the wardrobe can find a bunch of things that are just tired, do not fit in size or have become irrelevant. All of these clothes only take up space in your closet or become dusty on the basis of uselessness on the shelves. There is a way out - these things can be sold, and not bad at making money. Of course, the amount that you once spent on clothes, you will not return, but still get something quite succeed.

We offer to find out where you can sell clothes and make it as convenient and fast as possible. If you are interested in the question of where to sell things, then you should pay attention to the following options.


One of the options to get rid of unnecessary clothes is to give it to the commission. In them, as a rule, they perfectly accept both children's and adult things that were already in use.

Commissions work in two ways:

  • You take things under the implementation, and you get the money only when they are sold. With such work, you set the cost, and the store retains an additional percentage.
  • You are given a fixed amount for all accepted items. This takes into account their condition and cost. As a rule, the cost will be small, as the store should insure against loss, but you will receive money immediately and you can spend it on a new thing for your wardrobe.

You can also try to hand over clothes in second-hand, although most modern stores sell clothes of various European or American brands, and ordinary clothes do not interest them.


Of course, you can sell your stuff on your own on the market. To do this, you need to rent a place and spend a lot of time behind the counter. If you have friends who are engaged in such activities, then you can offer to hand them things for sale at a percentage.


Open any local newspaper and find ads for buying clothes in the "buy" section. Call the number and discuss the conditions of sale, condition and cost. Perhaps, if you agree on all the nuances, your clothes will be taken away for sale.

You can also make an ad with a description of the clothes you want to sell.

Online sale

Here the field of activity is almost unlimited.Posting an ad on the Internet is not only fast and convenient, but also extremely effective.

There are especially popular sites where you can quickly sell your clothes, and it doesn’t matter whether it is new or used. These online stores are visited daily by thousands of people, and you have a high chance of making the necessary sale.

  • - One of the most popular Russian sites where you can sell men's, women's, children's clothing or any other things. To do this, you need to register and place your ad. In the settings, you can select a region or even a city so that you do not send things by mail, but simply transfer them from hand to hand.
  • - A well-known resource auction, which sells things throughout Russia. The disadvantages are that most likely you will have to send the parcel by mail. But it makes it possible to sell your clothes more expensive than in the city where you live. Shipping costs are quite small and amount to about 13 rubles for each kilogram of weight.
  • - site of international trade of completely different things, including clothing. Sex and age features do not matter.For registration and registration of the ad you need a good knowledge of English. From the big advantages - the fact that the thing that you have already gone out of fashion, somewhere on another corner of the earth can cost good money. Thus, international trade offers you great opportunities.

Thematic groups in social networks

Pondering where to sell things, you should pay attention to the various social networks. Find in the search for a group "flea market", which operates in your city, and place your ads there. This is done absolutely free of charge and does not require any special efforts from you.

It is worth paying attention to the fact that before looking for a place to sell clothes, you need to bring it to a decent condition and take several quality photos, preferably from different angles with a link to the official website, if this thing is branded.