Where to make laying in Moscow? Fast and beautiful

Here they always say on high tones - the hairdryers work without stopping. Bars laying - a new concept of beauty salons, which sooner or later had to appear in a big city, where all the deadlines were still yesterday, and the hair and makeup is 30 minutes, no more, because the meeting is about to begin. The space of such beauty salons is most often organized as follows: a long-long stand, clients sit in a row behind it, and inclined stylists above them. They comb, pull, curl. But where the hair is, there are nails: some bars have expanded the menu, adding to it the services of a makeup artist, a manicurist and a brow specialist. The menu of services in such establishments is extremely simple and concise. Everything was done to serve guests as quickly as possible and they were not lost in the multi-volume menus with ornate descriptions of hair spa programs.

Guys and Girls beautybar

Photo posted GUYS & GIRLS BEAUTY SALON (@guysandgirlsbb)Sep 16 2015 at 4:09 PDT

The same case, when everything started with a styling bar, and has grown to a full-fledged, no offense to the rest of the bars, a beauty salon.Guys are able to restore order on the head perfectly. For each day of the weekGuys and Girls beautybarprepared two stacks, simpler and more complicated, at special prices. The principle is the same as with the dish of the day in many restaurants. Laying Simple will cost 990 rubles, Special - in 1 990 rubles. All the transformation will take 30 minutes, provided that the hair will not need to be washed. For curling and pulling hair from the masters have excellent tools Cloud 9, they do not kill the hair, but, on the contrary, in every way take care of their health. True, the price of styling with these gadgets will be higher, curls will stand at 2,000 rubles.

Three facts about Guys and Girls beautybar:

  1. For those who do not like to talk on the phone, the site has a record online.
  2. If you find yourself on the procedure from 10:00 to 13:00, get a free breakfast (give yogurt with granola, pastries, cereals, coffee and tea), and on Fridays and Saturdays from 17:00 to 21:00 even pour champagne and treat sweets
  3. The brands for the hair on which they work here are more than worthy: Kydra, Lebel, Moroccanoil. Plus the classic proven brands - Wella and L'Oreal Professionnel.

Ready Fen Bar

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Nice compact salon in the Arbat region, where they are ready to lay you almost at sunrise - from 7 am to 23 pm.True, at such an hour and closer to midnight only by appointment. There are no haircuts and dyes in the hair menu, only styling, weaving, which can be supplemented with a ten-minute head massage and a caring procedure. Daily styling will cost 1,500 rubles, this is with a wash and everything necessary for a great look, regardless of the length and hair and the tools that the master decides to use. The salon team held out for a long time, leaving mainly hair care, visage and manicure on the menu, but since September 1, she gave up: nowReady Fen Bardo and pedicure.

Three facts about Ready Fen Bar:

  1. If one day you sign up for styling, manicure and makeup, wait for a gift - hand paraffin therapy.
  2. All prices for laying are fixed - no surprises at the box office.
  3. For men, Ready Fen Bar also has something: styling (1 100 rub.), Manicure (1 100 rub.) And pedicure (2 990 rub.)

"Dry Bar Dryer"

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Perhaps the most famous and long-lived bar styling in Moscow. And not one: first "Hairdryer Dry Bar"Brought beauty only on Patrick (Great Patriarch's Lane, 4), and then appeared on Bolshaya Dmitrovka, in the house 16/1. The concept is one: fast and high-quality styling.If curls, then live at least until the evening, and weaving can be tired of waiting until it loses appearance. You will likely leave Fen Dry Bar with beauty shopping: in addition to the already familiar means of Alterna, Opalis, Alessandro, there are Billion Dollar Brows brands in the stores, MosMake Gold hydrogel patches for the eyes, and a lot of jewelery, including Die_Blonde and Trendy brands Things, Masterpeace.

Three facts about Fen Dry Bar:

  1. For frequent guests, the salon offers season tickets, they save the budget and discipline. There is an option "10 daytime styling for the price of 9", "5 styling" Resistant curl "+ express care."
  2. For birthday women there is an additional 20% discount for services and 10% for salon products.
  3. Fen Dry Bar has its own app in the App Store: install, and you will find a convenient recording system right in your mobile phone.