Where to go with the gift

A deed of gift, or a gift document, is a contract that implies a gratuitous transfer of property rights from one person to another. The donor does not have the right to impose conditions on the donated person, and this is the difference between the donation and the will. In addition, the donor loses the rights to property as soon as the deed of gift is signed, so he must be fully aware of his own actions.
Real estate is the most complicated type of property, all transactions with it are subject to registration in the FRS, where you need to provide the deed of gift and other documents necessary for registration and meeting the requirements of the Law on State Registration.
The presence of a notary in the preparation of the gift is not necessary, but it should be noted that it is very difficult to draw up an agreement yourself, one inaccuracy, blots or mistakes in the word is enough to return the agreement together with the accompanying documents for revision after a month.After correcting errors, it is necessary to contact UFRS again, which is quite problematic, considering queues.
Thus, it is recommended to contact a notary who will help you to draw up a deed of gift and save time. You need to provide the notary with an identification code, passport, documents confirming the right to real estate, as well as other documents, the list of which is the same as when making a purchase and sale of real estate. This is an extract from the house book, certificate from the BTI, property valuation. However, in each case, the list of documents may vary, and individual documents require certification by a notary.