Where to go fishing?

Many men do not imagine a better holiday than fishing. There they can not only feel like food getters, but also fully relax physically and mentally. Therefore, the question often arises: where to go fishing, so that the rest will work out and that the family, if the trip is supposed to be all together, can also get pleasure? Therefore, it is especially important that there is a good coast near a river or a lake, a forest, a clearing, and a clean area are also desirable. However, it is quite obvious that for successful fishing the main thing is not at all. It is important that in the selected reservoir was a fish. Inveterate fishermen have their own special places where they go fishing regularly, but for beginners it is better to consult with them or to try to determine “their own” place.

There is fish in almost all water bodies, however, for successful fishing you should fish in places of its constant accumulation. So, to determine where to go fishing is, and where not, tell the shore of the reservoir. If the breg is uneven and there are so-called “windows”, then you can be 100% sure that most of the fish accumulate there. This is usually a place among the vegetation, there is located the main feeding place.It is important that these places - the “windows” have easy access, and it is convenient for the fisherman to fish from the shore. In addition, using a depth gauge, you should determine what the depth of the water surface. This is necessary in order to correctly determine the length of the fishing line with a hook, so that it does not lie on the bottom, but is at the optimum depth. Various fallen trees and snags are also places of fish accumulation.

Fishing in winter

If in the summer it is comparatively easy to choose a fishing spot, then where to go for winter fishing remains a mystery to many. This is due to the fact that the tactics of the behavior of fish in winter and in summer is significantly different. So, if in the summer it is quite simple to determine the locations of its location along the “windows” and thickets, then in the winter, on the ice, this is almost impossible to do. In general, you can always go to those places that experienced fishermen advise or join the fishermen who are already sitting on the lake.

However, if the place is new, then for a start it is necessary to study the terrain relief, well, if there is a map. So, you need to choose the point where in a relatively small area there are both deep and shallow places, the relief is not uniform, the better.Of course, to search for fish, you can make travels from place to place by car, but it takes a lot of time, and where there haven't been fish recently, after a while there can be a lot. Therefore, deciding where to go fishing in the winter, it is best to determine this by trial and error yourself. Installing fishing rods in the holes in different relief places, with different depth of water, you can achieve a good result. You do not have to sit and freeze, waiting for a bite, you can go from hole to hole and control the process.

Fishing in the Moscow region

More specifically, about the places where you can fish well, then they can be called in the Moscow region a few. Biserovsky lake - the greatest depth of 5 meters. There is a medium-sized perch, roach, crucian carp, carp, ruff. It is recommended to catch in the "windows" located on the left bank. In the summer, the fish bite well on the worm. In the winter, preferably, on the jig and moth. A good fishing in the suburbs, where you can go fishing from the shore and from a boat, are Bear Lake. There are two of them, Big and Small, they are interconnected by a duct. The depth in the Big Lake reaches 14 meters, and in the Small, up to 6 meters.There live tench, crucian carp, carp, perch, pike. A good fishing will be on Lake Trostensky, it is shallow, roach, pike, perch, crucian carp. This is not the whole list of Moscow region lakes. Among the many, it is important to find your own, where there will be not only a good catch, but also a healthy rest.