Where to find time?

Our life often turns into a race against time. We try to do everything and everywhere, but in the end we get the opposite result. If you are tired of this lifestyle, read our article, and you will no longer have questions about where to find time. Indeed, in fact, we can significantly reduce its consumption.


First of all, try to create a comfortable working environment for yourself. Then you will be less distracted. Switching your attention, you spend about 4 minutes each time to restore it. Now imagine that you constantly run to the other end of the office for materials, fix the curtain, think about the uncomfortable chair. These are dozens of wasted minutes!

If the job allows, do not constantly check email. It spends a huge amount of your time. Immediately divide all incoming letters into urgent and non-urgent.

Learn to concentrate on one case and eliminate distractions as much as possible. If you are disturbed by the noise in the office, work with headphones or use gags. Beware of songs in a language you understand.The brain will be distracted by listening to the text. Although, if you are a designer and are busy with drawing, it can be beneficial.

Make work plans that will help you to invest in time. For example, note how long it takes to produce a report. Add 10-15% on unrecorded factors - and get a deadline. Try to invest in it. But in no case do not engage in self-flagellation, if you didn�t manage to do this because of additional tasks that could not be postponed. Psychological health is the key to successful work. It is better to analyze the situation and think about how to avoid this in the future.

Do not chat. Of course, communication with colleagues is a pleasant and obligatory part of the working day, but you will be surprised to learn that employees of Russian firms spend up to 40% of their time on chatter. Of course, you have to stay at work for several hours, because you need to fulfill your work duties. Headphones will also help to escape from the annoying attention of colleagues. It is proved that people try not to touch the person listening to music.

Share work

One of the basic principles of a well-known specialist in the field of time management of Lothar Saver is: be able to set priorities and give away the part of the work that your colleagues can do.Do not take this advice as an indication to the fact that you need to maximize their tasks on others. But there are many secondary ones that must be carried out by secretaries, subordinates, representatives of their departments. Do not do their job, but do yours better.


Train yourself and your household to put things in their places. You simply can not imagine how much precious time is spent on finding the right things and raking up the "blockages" accumulated in a few days. But it can be spent on much more interesting activities. This idea must be conveyed to all households.

Do not turn a house into a warehouse of things that you will ever need. They not only occupy your living space, but also steal your time required for their cleaning, sorting, shifting.

Try to do homework with the whole family. Many little things can be charged to a child as early as 4-5 years old, for example, to help wipe dishes or fold their toys. Thus, you will not only save time, but also be able to teach him to work. Do not forget that the husband can also help around the house.

Learn the methods of high-speed cleaning and rational cooking, sort things out.You will come to the aid of already developed systems that allow you not to turn all your free time into everyday life, such as.

And do not forget about the rest.