Where to buy forms for tiles?

Elena Melnichenko
Elena Melnichenko
July 9, 2014
Where to buy forms for tiles?

For the manufacture of paving tiles use special forms. They can be made with your own hands, but you can also buy a ready-made version.

Buy forms for tiles can be as follows:

  • In the hardware store;
  • In the construction hypermarket;
  • In companies engaged in landscape design;
  • In the online store.

Construction stores

In the building stores you will find a small selection of forms for paving slabs. This restriction is caused by small volumes of deliveries.

Building hypermarkets

In construction hypermarkets, the choice of forms is much more than in small hardware stores. Here are the shapes of different sizes and configurations. The largest selection is presented in hypermarkets: Leroy Merlin, OBI, Megastroy, which can be found in many regions of Russia.

Online stores

In the online stores presented the largest selection of forms for paving slabs. This is due to the fact that stores of this type cooperate with a large number of suppliers of goods.A large selection of forms can be found on the following sites: and. The stores of this type are the cheapest options products.

Landscape Design Companies

Another way to acquire forms for tiles can be cooperation with landscape design companies, which, like online stores, collaborate with suppliers of similar products.

Now you know where to buy forms for paving slabs. Choose the appropriate option and you get the original tile.