Where is Surgut?

Alexander Smaznev
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Where is Surgut?

On the map


In the mass consciousness of Russians, Surgut is a city of oilmen somewhere in the north. And where exactly is Surgut?

The city of Surgut is located on the West Siberian Plain, in the middle reaches of the Ob River. To find Surgut on the map of Russia, first find the Ural Mountains (they divide the territory of our country into European and Asian parts). To the east of the Urals lies the West Siberian Plain. One of the great Siberian rivers, the Ob, flows along it from south to north. In the middle course of the Ob, on its right bank, you will find Surgut.

Features of geographical location and climate

Surgut is a truly Siberian city. According to climatic conditions, this region is equal to the Far North. The average annual temperature here is below zero (-1.7º). Winter lasts from mid-October to mid-April. The average January temperature is -20º. Sometimes the thermometer may drop below 50. But the average temperature of the hottest month, July, is only 18º.

Features of the city

What makes people live in such uncomfortable natural conditions? Surgut is the largest industrial city in Russia. In the rating of the centers of industry in our country, the city ranks third right after St. Petersburg and Moscow. The basis of the regional economy is the extraction and processing of oil and gas. The largest enterprise is Surgutneftegaz. The average salary in the city is 68 thousand rubles.

According to some polls, Surgut ranks first in the list of the most comfortable for living cities in Russia.

However, one should not think that Surgut is a young city recently built near an oil field. Surgut is one of the oldest cities in Siberia. It was founded at the end of the XVI century by decree of Tsar Fyodor Ivanovich (son of Ivan the Terrible).