Where is Samara?

Elena Odushkina
Elena Odushkina
April 8, 2015
Where is Samara?

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Samara is a large million-plus city, is the administrative center of the Samara region, as well as one of the largest cultural, scientific and industrial centers of Russia.

Where is Samara on the map?

Samara Location

It is necessary to search in the middle Volga region on the left bank of the Volga, between the mouths of the Sok and Samara rivers. The geographical coordinates of the historical part of the city are 53 ° 12 'north latitude and 50 ° 06' east longitude.

Historically, the city was founded in 1586, when the fortress was built. Although the first settlement in these places is already mentioned in 1361. And in 1688 the status of the city was officially granted. Thanks to the trade route from the east, Samara is becoming a major merchant center.

In 1935 the city was renamed Kuibyshev and retained its name until 1991. Therefore, in the Soviet maps can be found even the old name of the city.

Samara has many historical sites, museums and monuments, as well as various entertainment centers, parks, cafes and restaurants where you can relax with a small company or family.