Where is Rio?

Anna Yaroshenko
Anna Yaroshenko
April 23, 2015
Where is Rio?

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Brazil's largest city, Rio de Janeiro, is a cultural center and is known for its carnivals, historical heritage and attractive tourist destinations. In this article we will talk about the features of the geographical position of the city of Rio de Janeiro.

Where is Rio de Janeiro

Rio is located in the south-eastern part of Brazil, near the Gulf of Guanabara, on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean, near the Brazilian city of Sao Paulo. Rio de Janeiro's geographic coordinates are 22 ° 54 "south latitude, 43 ° 14" west longitude.

The area of ​​the city is 1260 km². Rio de Janeiro is directly adjacent to the mountains, and in the north there is a plain. In the northern part there are also neat hills on which there is practically no vegetation.

South Rio is bounded by the Guanabara Bay and the waters of the Atlantic Ocean. There are a huge number of beaches that attract tourists from all over the world. The coastal zone is closely connected with the mountainous terrain. The rock formations are part of Serra do Mar, an ancient mountainous part of southeastern Brazil.

The western territory of Rio was limited to mountain ranges, but at the end of the 20th century, roads appeared that opened access to this part of the city.

Geographical features of Rio

The entrance to the bay opens a famous mountain, which is nicknamed the Sugar Loaf. It received such an unusual name due to its specific shape. Rich imagination allows you to compare it with a huge piece of sugar.

The city has a dense river network, adjacent to the largest river Amazon. In turn, this deep-water river flows into the waters of the Atlantic and forms a huge delta.

A bit of history

Rio was discovered by the Portuguese navigators. Located near the Bay of Guanabara, they took the river, so they called the city of Rio. Since it was in January, the full name sounds like the “January River”. Rio de Janeiro has become one of the most densely populated cities, the residence of the elite, the center of the cultural and intellectual life of the country.

For a long time Rio was considered the capital of Brazil, but today this honorary title went to a small city of the same name - Brasilia.

Now you know where Rio de Janeiro is located.