Where better to relax in Spain?

Spain can be divided into two parts: the island and the mainland. And on these two parts reigns a different atmosphere. Hence the reasonable question: where is the best time to relax in Spain?

North of Spain

In the north of Spain is famous resort "Costa Brava". Landscapes on the coastal territory will leave an indelible impression for a long time. Endless beaches interspersed with rocky landscapes among evergreen trees - a great view! Costa Brava is located in the Republic of Catalonia, its capital is Barcelona. From the center of the coast to Barcelona for an hour can be reached by train. You will arrive at the central square of the city, where you can feed the pigeons that are eaten with hands. By the way, you can buy food for them right there in special tents. Will bring pleasure to walk around the city. Gothic buildings, paved with stone, pavements, a quay with yachts, museums, courtyards, churches. In the evening, visit the singing fountains, this is a unique spectacle, which attracts tourists from all over the world. Visit the Pablo Picasso Museum, the Cathedral of the Holy Family.In the town of Figueres, you will be offered an excursion to the Salvador Dali Museum. For lovers of diving there is the Medes Islands. For children and adults - the largest water park in Spain. Coast "Costa Brava" is suitable for families with children and for people who prefer not only a beach holiday, but also excursions.

South of Spain

In the South of Spain is the Costa del Sol, located on the border with the exotic east, which influenced the development and infrastructure of this coast. Of the attractions here is interesting Mesquit mosque. On the coast there are mainly four and five star hotels. This coast is chosen by tourists who prefer a beach holiday.


The island of Mallorca is the largest island of Spain. Surprise capital Palma de Mallorca. It combines fashion stores and unique antiquity. Be sure to visit the park Galatzo, the park of marine animals especially enjoy children. The island has Disneyland - the largest amusement park in all of Europe. In Mallorca, people like to relax, who like a combination of solitude and vivid emotions. Rather, it is a vacation for people of more adult generation.


Ibiza Island - a paradise for young people! This is just Hollywood in Spanish. Freedom in everything: in behavior, in clothing, in lifestyle. This holiday will be remembered forever. There are many historical sights here, but fun and disco until the morning come out on top! If you do not want to go home empty-handed, then think in advance what to buy in Spain. A lot of small shops will not leave you indifferent. Be sure to take the time to visit the hippy market. Party people! You to Ibiza!

You can swim and sunbathe in Spain from late May to early September. The air temperature rarely exceeds 40 degrees, so Spain is also chosen by those who do not like sudden changes in temperature.

Spanish cuisine is known for its diversity. Do not get attached to the hotel, many restaurants will amaze you with delicious dishes and wines. Seafood dishes, rice, vegetables, various sauces are works of art. Also in all of Spain, you can easily find restaurants serving French, Japanese, Italian, and even Chinese cuisine. Do not forget to try here and beer.

You can easily choose a vacation, depending on your interests and age. Spain caters to absolutely everyone.And where exactly have a good rest in Spain, now you can choose for yourself.