When to go to the Dominican Republic?

Taisiya Belousova
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When to go to the Dominican Republic?

The Dominican Republic, perhaps, is the most beautiful Caribbean islands, it is located near the Equator, kilometers of snow-white beaches, exotic nature and eternal summer - all this is the magic of the Dominican Republic.

Trip to the Dominican Republic

Every year thousands of tourists visit the best resorts of the Dominican Republic, returning then again. When is it better to go to the Dominican Republic to enjoy an unforgettable vacation to the fullest? The climate in the Dominican Republic is rather mild, tropical and humid. Very rarely, the temperature of water and air falls below the mark of +27 � C. However, it is the coldest there from January to March + 27-29 degrees, well, the warmest of all in August, then the temperature rises to + 31 � �.

There is no pronounced rainy season in the Dominican Republic, it rains, if it does, then not all the time, mostly in the evenings and at night. In addition, due to the high humidity of more than 90%, heat is very easily tolerated. In such months as: May, June, July, August and September, small hurricanes are possible. Accordingly, it is best to go on holiday in the Dominican Republic from November to April.

When to go to the Dominican Republic, you must choose and taking into account the price of rest, at one time or another. Despite the fact that for a good holiday there is everything you need all year round, because of the rains and hurricanes in the summer period, the prices for holidays there are significantly lower. And they rise in the so-called "high season", from November to April, and in February and March, humpback whales swim to the shores of the Dominican Republic. And, of course, accordingly, high prices for holidays in the Dominican Republic will be during the Easter, New Year and Christmas holidays, it was then that most tourists come.