When do dreams come true?

It was, is and will be, probably, always - people will believe in superstition, predictions and similar things. For example, dreams. Their values ​​have always interested many people, why and why something dreams, what to expect, whether the dream will come true, and whether there are even certain days when dreams come true. About this and talk.

Will sleep come true

People have invented various signs regarding when dreams come true and when not. For example, they say that you need to tell a dream in the morning, if you want it to not come true. Or write a dream on paper and burn it, then it will not come true. Even various phrases have been invented in order to protect themselves from evil dreams. For example: where night falls sleep; good sleep resurrection, bad burst in half, etc.

Certain lunar and calendar days, according to some, also determine whether to expect sleep in reality or not.

Numbers: when dreams come true

We are talking about the days of the month, no matter what, only the number is taken into account.

  1. A dream performance foreshadowing good events.
  2. Empty, meaningless dreams that will not come true.
  3. The dream of this day promises quick realization.
  4. Most likely the dream will come true, but you have to wait.
  5. Dreams are good, but their execution is not clear. Maybe yes, maybe not.
  6. Like the 4th, the dream may come true, but not soon.
  7. Happy dreams of this day should not be told to anyone so that they come true.
  8. Dreams lead to wish fulfillment in reality.
  9. Whatever dream you have (good or bad), its performance is possible, but it will lead to trouble. Be prepared.
  10. The dreams of this number will not come true.
  11. For 11 days, wait for the performance of sleep, and it will bring only joy.
  12. Dreams come true quickly.
  13. Dreams can lead to trouble, but you are prepared.
  14. A bad dream of this number foreshadows trouble in real life.
  15. Dreams will come true very soon. If sleep is not good, protect yourself with one of the methods listed above.
  16. The senselessness of dreams in reality.
  17. Success awaits you for 20 days, of course, associated with the performance of sleep in reality.
  18. The prophetic nature of dreams manifests itself in profits and new clothes that should be expected in reality.
  19. And the dreams of this number may manifest in family turmoil.
  20. The number foreshadows the speedy fulfillment of sleep.
  21. Dreams will come true, but not soon.By the way, they lead to a rich life.
  22. Any dream of this number warns of danger. But this is only a warning, everything is in your power.
  23. Very quick sleep performance.
  24. Also soon come true and bring joy.
  25. False sleep
  26. Sleep fun, pleasure.
  27. Dreams don't matter, they are meaningless.
  28. During the month, dreams can come true and bring some difficulties.
  29. The dream will not come true.
  30. Fantastic nature of sleep, that is, you should not wait for the execution.
  31. Another half a month and sleep will come true. And it will attract good luck in the love sphere.

In addition to the number, when dreams come true or not, we can say that there is a similar version for days of the week. You can even compare the number and day of the week.

Days of the week when dreams come true

We will describe it as a night from one day of the week to the next.

Sunday Monday. Usually dreams come true rarely. Associated mainly with family problems and problems of life.

Monday Tuesday. Rarely dreams come true. Usually, this is simply a reflection of the desires and aspirations of a person, that is, rather his reality, his thoughts reflected in a dream, and not vice versa.

Tuesday Wednesday. Dreams come true rarely, usually they are meaningless.If they come true, then after a considerable period of time.

Wednesday Thursday. Often you can expect prophetic sleep. Their orientation is mainly of a professional nature, connected with the work of a person.

Thursday Friday. Many have heard that dreams come true on Friday. Mostly the dreams of this night are connected with the emotional, internal state of a person, his feelings.

Friday Saturday. Usually these dreams reflect the coming events from the life of a person and his family.

Saturday Sunday. Dreams come true very quickly and dreams are connected, as a rule, with very close people.