What you need to take on a hike?

In the near future, spring time is approaching, and this means that the time is not far off - it is time for vacations, holidays and, of course, hiking. If you do not belong to beach lovers, or, for example, decided to try something new and go on a real trip, then you should seriously prepare for this case.

This, of course, is perfect: fresh air, new impressions, a change of scenery, real adventures and feelings of freedom! What could be more beautiful? It turns out, maybe - this is a hike, accompanied by a certain comfort. To get real pleasure from such a holiday, you need to deal with a minimum of things that you have to take with you.

Interesting hobby

Usually inexperienced hikers make a common mistake - they take with them such a quantity of “necessary” that then the whole route is tormented by the weight of its own burden, and, even more sadly, even half of the collected things do not have time to use.They do not know that a hike is a special atmosphere with their own living conditions.

We have to give up a lot, but what is interesting is that such deprivations do not really affect the overall impression of such a trip. And yet, let's try to figure out what to take on a hike, to feel as comfortable as possible and at the same time not to carry a heavy burden.

Where do I start?

Naturally, with the study of the route! The minimum set of necessary things will depend on its complexity and duration. Agree, there is a huge difference between a trip to nature, which will end the same evening or, at most, the next morning, and a serious week-long journey, in which overnight stays in tents and the intersection of rather dangerous descents are expected.

Travel with pleasure

We will try to average the list of all the necessary, however, it is possible to adjust the one or the other side, depending on the specific conditions.

So, if you want to go camping, then the first thing you will need, of course, is to carry all the accessories. In this case, the backpack becomes the most convenient - no sports bag can replace it, because only in this case you will have two hands free, which sometimes helps a lot on difficult routes.

It is better that the backpack was not too huge, otherwise there will be a deceptive desire to fill it up to failure, and what, after all, that only in the march is not needed. Not everyone takes into account that with every kilometer the leg will become heavier, affecting your physical and psychological condition. As experienced walkers say, it’s better not to take something than to carry too much, and then not to take half of it.

The optimal volume of a backpack is 50-70 l, it is important that it be made of a dense waterproof fabric. It is desirable that his bottom was sewn, the straps are wide and soft, all comfortable, if he still has a belt that is fastened on his stomach.

The next thing you will probably need on a camping trip is a tent and a sleeping bag. Of course, if your trip is organized by a travel agency, then you will be given it, but, more often, such accessories must be carried on yourself.

Which tent to choose depends on the number of people who will sleep in it, as well as on weather conditions, which can vary greatly. In principle, modern tents are light and fold into one small handbag, which can be fastened to the top of a backpack, and a sleeping bag is usually laid out on its bottom, so that your burden can take on a convenient shape.

What to put in a backpack?

Now that you have decided on the main attribute of each hike, you need to figure out what to put in it? The most important thing in such an event is to keep your feet warm and comfortable, and, therefore, it is important to attend to shoes and socks.


Usually these are sneakers that are worn on themselves, and with them are taken sneakers or a spare pair of running shoes, sometimes - rubber slippers, if you suddenly decide somewhere to sunbathe or have to go on a train. Socks are taken to replace (the amount depends on the duration of the campaign), several pairs of thin and at least one warm.

Further clothes. This moment is especially important if a girl is going to hike, because the weaker sex is always more cold and hard going through the lack of favorite things.

And although a woman should always remain a woman, you should not go over the top, you do not need a dozen T-shirts and several swimsuits, you need to choose the most necessary. Nights in a hike are always colder, and therefore you should have a warm “sleep” kit with you - underwear, sweater, pants and socks.

In case of bad weather - waterproof windbreaker or raincoat with a hood. Do not forget about a pair of sets of underwear, as well as a swimsuit and a headdress, of course, depending on the season and direction of the hike.

As for hygiene.What you will definitely need on any trek is sunscreen. Wherever you are - in the mountains or on the bank of the river, the first places on the body will suffer first, and this cream will not only protect against sunburn, but also moisturize the hardened skin from the wind or the sun.

Next - soap, toothbrush and paste. Forget about all sorts of bubbles with shampoos, lotions, creams and umyvalki (this again refers to the ladies).


Soap on a campaign replaces all of this, believe me, you don’t need it there: surprisingly, often and without all these tools, the skin on a campaign becomes much better. About decorative cosmetics and stuttering is not worth it, an exception may be hygienic lipstick - a faithful assistant to many hikers.

Do not forget about the first-aid kit: anything happens in the campaign, and therefore it is better to stock up on the maximum. These are sterile and elastic bandages, plaster, iodine, tourniquet, cotton wool, tablets from the head and stomach, pain reliever, validol, activated charcoal, scissors, and those drugs that you may occasionally take.

It must be manned

Do not forget about such trifles as wet and dry wipes, which are always better to keep nearby, threads with a needle, a pair of pins, a box of matches and a lighter (never be superfluous), as well as kitchen utensils.

It is mandatory to bring a mug, a bowl and a spoon - all of the unbreakable material, better - aluminum. Decide who will carry the common boiler (necessary for cooking), and do not forget about the knives. With regard to food and water - this issue is solved individually, it is important to calculate everything in advance, so that at the end of the journey you will not be exhausted from thirst or hunger.

And the last tip: it's superfluous to throw along a coil of rope, a piece of cloth for the tent, a reel or navigator. You may need an ax, gloves for hands, as well as a strong polyethylene film (it is not enough in what conditions have to spend the night). And, of course, do not forget to grab a guitar, a camera and a good mood!

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