What you need to see in Vietnam?

Do you want something unusual and unexplored? Then by all means go to Vietnam. This country will surprise you and give you a lot of vivid impressions. But first, make a plan of travel and find out what every tourist should definitely see.

What country is it?

Vietnam (or the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, to be more precise) is a state in South-East Asia, located on the Indochina Peninsula. Vietnam is bordered by China, Laos and Cambodia, washed by the South China Sea. The area of ​​this state is 331 210 km2. In Vietnam, there are about 90 million people.


Nature and climate

The climate here is predominantly subtropical, and in mountain regions moderate. In general, in most of Vietnam, two seasons can be distinguished: wet and dry. Wet lasts approximately from May to November, and the rainiest months are summer (June, August and July), so it's better not to plan for this time.The dry season lasts from December to April.

And the most favorable time for traveling to this country is January and February. The sun is inactive and soft, the sea water is refreshing. And in the period from February to May it is very dry and hot here. January is considered the coldest month, but the winter temperature is still quite high and ranges between 15-25 degrees. In the summer, it rises to 35-40 degrees.


If you at least once saw Vietnam in the photo, you probably already had time to appreciate its nature. The relief of this country is diverse: there is a plateau, plateaus, and mountain ranges. But still, most of the territory (about 2/3) is occupied by mountains. In the country there are waterfalls, lakes, rivers.

Rice fields

Here grows dense evergreen tropical forests with a variety of amazing trees, such as iron, brown, red, black, bamboo, sandalwood and many others. The animal world of this amazing country is also unique and rich. For example, in the jungle you can find deer, wild boars, wild cats, lemurs, monkeys, panthers, leopards, tigers, antelopes and bears. In addition, there are many rare birds.

How to get there?

You can get to Vietnam only by plane, the travel time will be about 9-10 hours.Flights are operated regularly by well-known airlines from many major cities.

Cities and resorts


We list the major and popular resorts and cities of Vietnam:

  • Hanoi is the capital of Vietnam and the second largest city in this state. In this city, you will be able to observe an unusual and surprising mixture of cultures of the West and the East, namely, refined French architecture and Chinese traditions that have been forming for centuries and even millennia.
  • Phan Thiet is a Vietnamese resort, a calm and quiet place and a real paradise for tourists and beach lovers. Here you can relax with the whole family and enjoy the gentle sun, warm sea and white fine sand.
  • Da Nang - another resort, which is called the most peaceful place in Vietnam and the real pearl of Asia. In Da Nang, you can see something that is not in the big cities - peace. The city as if has recently awakened after a long sleep and begins to live its own life.
  • Nha Trang is the largest and practically the only resort in the country that receives tourists all year round. Having been here, you can see gorgeous beaches with a total length of about 7 kilometers, quiet bays, coral reefs and lonely islands. By the way, here you can try the treatment with mineral water and mud.
  • Vung Tau is another calm, quiet and incredibly beautiful place of the country.
  • Hoi An is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  • Ho Chi Minh City. If you are not tired of city bustle, and you are not afraid of a crowd of people, then come here. This is a major metropolis and shopping center of Vietnam.
  • Halong will enjoy the unique beauty of the nature of North Vietnam. It is here that Halong Bay is located with more than 3 thousand islands that supposedly break out of the waters of the Gulf of Tonkin and rush into the sky. This place attracts tourists from all over the world!
  • Hue is located in the central part of the country on the fragrant river. If you want to see the history of Vietnam, then you must go here.

What's so interesting?

Ancient architecture

What interesting things can you see in Vietnam? There are many beautiful and amazing places here. Let's talk about them in more detail so that you have an idea of ​​what is to be seen.

  1. Cu Chi Tunnels. Previously, there was a village here, but under the onslaught of the American invaders, it almost completely went underground. Residents dug tunnels and fought for their land.
  2. The Mekong Delta is a real exotic Vietnam and the most fertile region of this country.Having been here, you can not only appreciate the chic nature of the state with its unique animals and plants, but also get the opportunity to see the life of the most indigenous Vietnamese - the villagers.
  3. Halong Bay (the name literally translates as “the descending dragon”) is not just an interesting place in the country, but a real masterpiece created by nature itself. The bay covers an area of ​​1500 km2, it housed numerous islands of rock (there are about 3 thousand of them here), covered with dense thickets of forests.
  4. The Towers of Nagar is a temple complex that has existed for over a thousand years. Some towers are partially destroyed, but the most important and the most important of them, which was once erected in honor of the queen, remained intact.
  5. Head to the island of Winperl and walk along the longest cable car, towering above sea level more than 3000 meters. Enjoy the unique spectacle and breathtaking beauty.
  6. Listing the sights of Vietnam, it is impossible not to mention the Longchon Pagoda, in which in the 1960s several monks committed an act of self-immolation. And if you forget about this terrible story, you can see the beautiful temple with dragons and a huge Buddha.
  7. Guest House "Hang Nga" called the House of Madmen.The bizarre shapes of this building excite the imagination and literally drive you crazy.
  8. Datanl Falls - one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Vietnam. And at its foot, everyone will be able to deliver an electric sled, similar to a roller coaster.
  9. Monkey Island, where about 1500 monkeys live in natural conditions.
  10. Red dunes - desert with sand of incredible colors, changing shades depending on the time of day.
  11. Vietnamese Notre Dame was built by the French.

Culinary features

Vietnamese restaurants are numerous and sometimes amaze with their decoration. And Vietnamese cuisine will surprise you for sure. In some regions of this country, people are happy to eat almost everything that represents at least some nutritional value, for example, grasshoppers (they are fried). But all dishes are fairly light, savory and multi-ingredient.

Noodles soup

The basis is rice, they make noodles, flatbreads, bread and much more. Vietnamese love and widely use mothers nipples - fish sauce, which is obtained by fermentation of small fish in salt marinade (ungutted fish in salted water is left in the sun).And the Vietnamese love all kinds of spicy seasonings and spices.