What wallpaper to choose for the hall?

One of the most important and significant premises in any home is the living room. All feasts are held here, the whole family rests and spends time on long winter evenings, as well as meetings with guests. That is why this room should be equipped as comfortable and stylish as possible. First of all, it is necessary to choose the right wallpaper, as the whole perception of the room depends on them first of all.

First you need to choose the color of the wallpaper, as well as the material from which they will be made. Plan in advance the lighting scheme to know how bright it will be and what features or disadvantages of the room will emphasize. Pick up the wallpaper in the hall, which has a large size and high illumination, is quite simple. It is best to turn your attention to purple, orange and green colors. They will fill the house with energy and stimulate household members to take action. Such wallpapers never catch up with depression or melancholy.

How to choose the wallpaper in the hall of small size?

Unfortunately, not everyone owns a house with a huge living room, so in our area it will be more relevant to arrange a small room. For such a room, pastel-colored wallpapers are best suited, which will not only increase the space, but also will pacify the emotional state of the residents.

In no case can not choose wallpaper with large or small patterns, as well as ornaments. They will reduce the size of the room visually and focus on this. If you nevertheless decided to diversify your living room with any motley patterned wallpaper, then you should “dilute” them with more restrained elements of the interior in pastel colors.

Wall-paper made of natural fabrics is best suited for small living rooms (of course, they are quite expensive, but their service life is much higher than paper analogues). In addition, a fabric with woven golden threads that will give charm and finesse to the whole interior will look good.

If you want to arrange the hall in the modern style, then you need to pay attention to the monochrome of the color scale. The main colors used are white, ashen, beige and black.One of them is chosen as the main one, and the second - to create an emphasis on a particular element of the interior.

Which wallpaper to choose for the hall would be best?

In any hardware store, there is a wide range of wallpapers that can effectively highlight the uniqueness of any interior.

Bamboo wallpaper

Those who are tired of boring and banal patterns and textures should pay attention to the reed or bamboo wallpaper. They are absolutely eco-friendly and are perfect for homes in which there are children. In addition, they are quite durable and perfectly wash, so you can easily remove any pollution.

Fabric wallpaper

Modern wall-paper from a fabric are issued in the most various color executions, they will be pleasant even to the most exacting owners. Their main advantage is the presence of a coating of Teflon, which protects the base from dirt, odors and ultraviolet radiation. These wallpapers do not fade in direct sunlight and do not require special care.

Paper wallpaper

This is one of the most common types of wallpaper. They are very simple in sticking and have an affordable price, which makes them an excellent choice if your budget is limited.Paper wallpaper is best suited for a classic interior, in addition, they can be combined with fabric and bamboo inserts.

It is worth noting that you can glue these wallpapers only on a clean and flat surface, as in the future they may come off due to peeling of putty or plaster. Whichever option you choose for your interior, be sure to read the instructions for gluing them and get an adhesive mixture that is suitable for your particular occasion.