What to wear beads with?

Natalya Kosenko
Natalya Kosenko
December 19, 2014
What to wear beads with?

A well-chosen string of beads can be a decoration for any outfit, from casual business attire to festive dress. What to wear beads depends on their size, thread length and material.

How to wear beads with different styles of clothing

Selecting beads for clothes, you need to consider not only the color scheme, but also other aspects:

  • short strings of pearls, Murano glass or natural ornamental stones will look like a business style;
  • voluminous beads, possibly in several strands, made of wood, beads, ceramics and colored glass will complement the clothes in ethnic style;
  • youth style casual allows the use of beads made of plastic and other inexpensive materials;
  • with evening gowns, it is customary to wear beads made from pearls, Murano or Czech glass, or rock crystal.

The combination of beads with a cutout shape

It is very important to harmoniously “fit” the beads into the image. To do this, they need to be selected not only in accordance with the style, but also take into account the shape of the collar or cutout of clothing:

  • with a narrow collar that covers the neck, long beads are appropriate, including in several rows.No beads are worn with a wide high collar;
  • with a small round neckline, a long string of beads will also look good, which will give harmony to the image;
  • A deep V neckline will decorate with one or more short strings of beads. A small neckline of this shape will complement the long thin beads tied in a knot;
  • in a deep round or square neckline, massive short beads will be appropriate, the length of which ends 3-5 cm to the edge of the notch;
  • You can wear a short string of small beads under the collar of a men's shirt or a classic jacket.