What to wear and how to look at work

Basic office wardrobe

The basis of the working wardrobe can be two or three suits in a restrained gamut - gray, blue, beige. Ideally, if the costumes are options with pants and skirts, it will help to significantly diversify business kits.
Choose outfits depending on the physique. Semi-slim, moderately long jackets in a duet with straight trousers are suitable for tall thin women. Fragile ladies wear simple, but stylish costumes in Chanel style with a straight skirt below the knee and a short jacket without lapels. It is better for the full to prefer stricter styles with well-fitting jackets that shape the waist and distract attention from excess volumes.
As a complement to the costumes, choose a few blouses and tops. The simpler the style, the better. Office blouses should not be replete with decor - lace, ruffles, embroidery. Choose plain English-style shirts made from high-quality cotton, polyester or viscose.
An alternative to blouses - tops made of cotton or synthetic knitwear.They should not fit the body - in the office it is much more appropriate to have straight, elongated models with narrow sleeves and a shallow neckline. Bright prints, sequins, translucent fabrics are excluded.
The suit can be replaced by a strict dress of thick, well draped fabric. Choose models of shirt-cut, closed sundresses with a pencil skirt, A-shaped dresses with a flared skirt.

Business accessories

Business dresses and suits should be complemented with suitable accessories. Pay attention to the comfortable women's briefcases made of genuine and artificial leather or high-quality synthetic fabrics. Capacious and rectangular bags with short handles and straps suitable for carrying on the shoulder. Bags do not have to be dark: a modest gray or brown suit will revive a model of blue, green or orange skin.
If you constantly wear pants and skirts, buy a pair of quality leather belts with discreet matte buckles. An important business accessory is a watch. For those who love jewelry, you can wear a short pearl necklace in one thread, small stud earrings, an interestingly shaped metal brooch or simple rings of modern shapes. Enough one or two decorations, a larger number in the office inappropriate.
Do not forget about the correct selection of shoes. Stylists are sure that at work you need to wear pumps with a closed toe, moccasins or ballet flats without decor. Sandals, clogs and boots are excluded. In the cold season, outdoor shoes in the room is better to change to office shoes of low-key color, suitable for all your suits and dresses.