What is worth watching a movie in April 2018?

Every month dozens of films appear on the big screens. And what is the audience worth seeing in April 2018? Let's find out!

So, what is interesting to see in the movie, what will please film fans April 2018?

  1. "Red Sparrow". The main character is the Russian intelligence officer Dominic Egorova. She gets an uneasy job of seducing CIA agent Nathaniel Nash, who conducts clandestine activities in Russia. Dominica has to get the truth from his enemy, but, as often happens, feelings interfere in professional activities. A romance flares up between the Russian intelligence officer and the American CIA, which threatens not only the careers of both, but also national security, and both the United States and Russia. Dominica settles in the CIA and begins to take revenge on his past bosses. Now its main task is to calculate and neutralize the traitor hiding in Washington. Whether Dominique succeeds in carrying out his plan and getting out of the water, the audience will know.
  2. In April, the premiere of the film"Dangerous business". In the center of the plot is an attractive blonde with a beautiful figure, long legs and sensual lips. And she skillfully manages to conduct a dangerous business. Everything went smoothly, while one of the subordinate beauty did not disclose a unique formula, which is literally decided by the whole world. The guy decides to stage his own kidnapping to demand a ransom from the company. But the spectacular and uncompromising boss doesn’t care about his subordinate, and it’s more profitable for the corporation to kill him than to leave him alive and especially to redeem him. The company must keep the formula secret at all costs, and the bosses are ready to go for everything for the sake of it.
  3. "Rampage". In the main role, Dwayne Johnson, and in the center of the plot - George Gorilla. Dr. Davis Okoyi, specializing in primates, has become accustomed to shun people and has been friends with alpha male George since his childhood. The animal is incredibly clever and smart, but as a result of an unsuccessful experiment the obedient calm gorilla turns into a real monster, ruining everything in its path. Soon researchers discover that experiments have spawned other monster predators.They break out of their cells and begin to rage, turning North America into ruins. At this time, Davis Okoyi, together with his colleagues, is trying to develop an antidote. And he is forced to break through the battlefield to save a huge monster who was once a true friend to a scientist.
  4. In April 2018 will be the final chapter of the series of films"Paranormal", which gained a lot of fans around the world. In the center of the picture are the brothers Justin and Aaron. Their childhood can hardly be called carefree and happy, because they lived in a real sect, whose members carried out strange rituals and horrific rites. The boys managed to escape from this hell and start a new normal life. But as adults and long forgotten about their horrible past, Aaron and Justin receive an e-mail with an urgent request to return to the former “family” and help conduct an annual rite. Threats and blackmail are forcing the brothers to agree and come to their relatives. And if before the heroes did not believe in otherworldly forces, strange events make them look at everything differently and understand that something terrible actually exists and has incredible power.
  5. In April, on the screens you can see the picture“Gogol. Wii. A series of terrible murders struck the village of Dikanka. Here the strange Horseman is running, which one by one kills young girls. On the account of the murderer there are already 11 victims, and Gogol, whom nightmares and fainting more and more often began, realizes that his beloved Lisa must be next. He worries and is very afraid that his abilities will not be enough, and the beloved will die at the hands of the cruel Horseman. But, fortunately, Gogol is called to help the master of martial arts and an experienced hunter of evil spirits - Homa Brutus. Together they have to spend three nights in an old chapel and sing the sorceress Ulyana. And it will be the worst night, because the witch will call the real creation of hell - Vija himself.
  6. "Operation Ball Lightning"- Another good and interesting movie, which will be seen by spectators in April 2018. Back in 1976, the plane that was flying from Tel Aviv to the French capital was captured by terrorists. The pilots were forced to make an emergency landing in Uganda, so that the attackers would exchange the captured hostages for criminals held in prison.The negotiations lasted a long seven days, but it was not possible to find a compromise and reach a single solution. And then it was decided to develop and implement a bold and complex plan. But will it be possible to do everything that was planned and save the lives of innocent people?
  7. "Richard says goodbye"- this is an interesting and thought-provoking film that life is short, and you need to take everything from it. The most ordinary college teacher, Richard, used to live modestly and always cared about his reputation. He did not allow himself anything extra, but once he learned from doctors about the terrible fatal diagnosis. Realizing that very soon his miserable existence will end, Richard decides to start living “to the fullest” and just enjoy the last days left. He completely forgets about the reputation, prejudices and rules that he always followed. A modest teacher finally finds freedom and allows himself to succumb to temptations.
  8. The screens will be a movie"New mutants", which has quite high expectations ratings. And the audience is waiting for the premiere is not in vain, because the film tells about the legendary people X. In the center of the five mutant teenagers who were held hostage by the secret unit.The top five includes a teleportation skill Magic, transforming into a werewolf Wolfsbane, able to turn other people's fears into reality Dani Munstar, able to take off the Cannonball and feeding on Sunlight and emitting powerful energy Sanspot. These teenagers are not yet aware of the destructive power they possess. Mutants will be saved and learn to live with unique, frightening and dangerous abilities.
  9. “You will die or we will return the money to you”. This movie combines several genres, and the mix was very unusual. In the center of events is the aging killer Leslie, who decides to change direction a bit. He continues to kill, but now for other purposes. He is approached by unhappy people who desire their own death. 27-year-old William tried to commit suicide several times, not all attempts were unsuccessful. Then he decides to trust a professional and orders himself Leslie. The guy makes a contract with the killer, under the terms of which the customer must die within seven days. But suddenly William thinks better of saying goodbye to life, only he did not take into account one nuance: the contract cannot be terminated.Now the killer is chasing the guy, who must fulfill the terms of the contract and does not intend to retreat, because the money for the order has already been received.
  10. "Winchester. The house that the ghosts built. Lovers of horror and thrillers will definitely appreciate this film. The main character is Sarah Winchester. She inherited from the deceased husband a successful arms business and lives alone in a huge seven-story mansion. The architecture of this grand building defies logic. In addition, by the order of the widow, the house is constantly being completed, and its corridors resemble a labyrinth. But Sarah does not change the appearance of her home for the sake of her niece or Dr. Eric Price invited by her. She plans to set a trap for ghosts who intend to avenge and finally destroy the Winchester dynasty.

And this is not all films that will be released on wide screens in 2018.

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