What to see in Tallinn?

Tallinn is the capital of Estonia and a very beautiful city. They say that anyone has ever been there, dreams of returning to this fabulous, romantic city again and again. And the one who goes to Tallinn for the first time, of course, is tormented by the question of where to go in Tallinn. We will try and we will answer this question. So, what to see in Tallinn?

Immerse yourself in the Middle Ages

Where else, if not in Tallinn, is it possible to get in touch with the Middle Ages? The narrow cobbled streets of the ancient city are fascinating. Towers, walls give Tallinn a special flavor. Where to go in Tallinn first thing? Of course, in the Old Town, which consists of the upper city, the so-called Vyshgorod, which is located on a hill called Toompea, and the lower city. Start a tourist route is better, perhaps, in the lower part of the city, where you can walk along the fortress wall. Two streets lead to Lower Tallinn - Peak Yalg, which means “long leg” in Russian and Lyukhike Yalg, which means “short leg”. Street names lead to hoary antiquity.Once, a long time ago, wealthy people walked around Pig Yalg, and on the contrary, poor people walked around Lykhike Yalg. These two streets stretch across the city, crossing it. Walking through them, it is quite possible to imagine a scheme of Tallinn.

The main attractions of Tallinn

This is the Town Hall Square, to which the streets of Luhike Yalg Peak Yalg are connected. For 800 years, it has been a trading center. On the square, which today gathers many tourists, one can see the Old Thomas symbolizing Tallinn with a weather vane. At the corner of the square is one of the oldest pharmacies in Europe. There and today, according to old recipes, tinctures are made from spices. Another attraction of Tallinn is the Oleviste church. Its height is 159 meters. This Gothic temple is the highest building of medieval Europe. Those interested can view the city from the top, which is incredibly beautiful.

What to see in Tallinn top

And in the upper Tallinn, which is located on the Toompea hill, you can see a real knight's castle, which once belonged to the Teutonic Order. Now in its halls sits the Parliament of Estonia.

Other sights of Tallinn

On Vienna Street, the attention of tourists will be attracted by the Masters' Courtyard, next to which, in the Katharina Lane, very different, very beautiful souvenirs are sold. But if you visit the Masters' Courtyard, it is better, of course, to see for yourself how these masterpieces are made - the doors of the workshops are always open for tourists. Another attraction of the Masters' Courtyard is the very famous old coffee house Pierre Chocolaterie, where visitors are offered a variety of candies similar to the museum exhibits as a treat. On Viru there is a hill of kisses, where lovers often make appointments. On this hill amazes the imagination of tourists and a curious fountain - two nudes hold a huge fish. And relatively recently, another interesting sculpture appeared in the same place, depicting kissing lovers.