What to give a loved one for the new year?

February 2, 2015
What to give a loved one for the new year?

The New Year is not only a family holiday, but also an excellent occasion to please your soul mate with a soulful romantic gift. A gift can be practical, unusual or not at all tangible.

In the article we will talk about what you can give a loved one on this magical day.

What to give to your boyfriend for the New Year

  • If your lover prefers practical gifts, then you can donate goods for the car or the appropriate accessories (seat covers, gadget, car organizer, wheel storage covers, pump or tool kit).
  • For an athlete a great gift will be a set of weights, a home treadmill or horizontal bar.
  • Smoking a young man can give an exclusive lighter or hookah.
  • In the New Year, it is customary to surprise, so you should think about the original gift. Any man would not mind getting an SUV tour, going to the shooting complex or tickets to the game of his favorite sports team.
  • Also in the magical holiday you can present more romantic gifts. For example, make paired T-shirts with your images or tie a cute sweater or a warm scarf with your own hands.
  • Lovers of active lifestyles can present a dog sledding race, snowmobile races or cheesecakes. In addition, you can rent skis and arrange a winter raid into the forest. Do not forget to bring along a camera and a thermos of hot tea. You can also go to the rink with a loved one.
  • If your relationship involves intimacy and you plan to celebrate the holiday together, then you can present a magical night as a gift. Decorate the bedroom with lanterns and candles, make a soft blanket and cook hot mulled wine. For greater effect, you can rent a sexy Snow Maiden costume.

What you should not give your loved one for the New Year

Most girls prefer to give their halves sets of underwear or socks, razors and various hygiene products. However, many men perceive such gifts ambiguously and believe that they were acquired in haste.